Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep49:Liu Ying petition to attack the celestial realm Jin Mi learns that Xu Feng is not dead

The Run YuCome to the demon world and think withBian ChengWangAllied, and the condition is toBian ChengWangcollectionXu FengYuan ling. "Run Yu saidLiu Ying,When his sister tried to persuadeBian ChengWangto turn to himself,Liu Ying,stopped the two from forming an alliance whenBian ChengWanghesitated.Xu Fengwas kind to Bian ChengWang's father and daughter.Liu Ying,was ashamed to conspire with him. WhenThe Run Yusaw that the alliance was broken, he accusedXu Fengof plotting a rebellion and left. The more she thought about it, the more she went to the palace and asked to be a pioneer.

Jin MiHas been tormenting himself with memories, with tears, her dedication to forget the sichuan river ferry man also moved by, he privately told Jin Mi, there are seven phoenix eight 'o soul immortal bird, a more angular reserved for nirvana, if Jin MiXu Fengretained a spirit can be found, with nine of the old king on the etheric turn then, may have a chance.

Jin Mi returns to the celestial kingdom then hurriedly arrives to take a rate palace to beg Jin Dan, Lao jun thoughtJin Miis to call back first water god to beg, tell him to revive first water god already hopeless.Jin Miknew that he had been lost by the god of water for a long time, and he did not want to call back his god of the yuan, now begging Dan is another use. Lao jun said that he was still short of a dose of medicine, and this medicine may never be available. The elixir that the old king lacks is the penal arch of god.

That year Run Yu took poor qi, firstTian DiDeath is not the penalty of death, but of lifeTai SiXianRenA dozen seals were added on the last day of qing dynasty. Run Yu MingTai SiXianRenwas first township to the provincial government.

Jin Mi went back to her room late at night, but found Run Yu still waiting for her. Run Yu asked Jin Mi why he wanted to turn to Jin Dan. Jin Mi said perfunctorily that he wanted to protect himself from Jin Dan.

Jin Mi is unable to save Xu Feng heartbroken, is the flower kingdom secretly shed tears, but bumped intoMake XiaXianRen. Jin Mi toldMake XiaXianRenthat Xu Feng had a life of his own. If he could get the light of the dark sky, he might be able to save Xu Feng.Make XiaXianRensaid that the anti-corruption watchdog is still alive. Public all think lian chao died in the battle of the demons, in fact, he fell on the day he forgot chuan, was seriously wounded,Make XiaXianRensecretly hid him to heal his wounds, over a thousand years to cross his soul to let him wake up. Several people were negotiating to save Xu Feng, and yanyou came to join in. The three decided to go to the snake mountain to find the incorruptible.

Snake mountain is a dangerous place where fairies dare not enter. Not only does it suppress spirits, but ordinary magic is useless here. The three of them can only walk up the mountain. Jin Mi was bitten by a snake in the fight. Yan you said that the snake would bite the immortal's power. Jin Mi forced the poison out with a strong heart. Jin Mi finally climbed to the top of the mountain after dragging his leg. He met zhang chewen. Lian woo heard that the yao was imprisoned, too small has died, can not help but sad knot, and also think of their own and the yao past. In fact, hundreds of years ago, tea yao and the lian chao two of a kind, but the lian chao in the evil war was the firstTian Diframed, nearly forgotten chuan. Though William gained his life back, he was in a coma for many years. When he woke up again, tea yao was married inTian Diand pregnant with Xu Feng.

Yin QueJin Mi was tracked by Jin's men and told Run Yu andYin Quewhen she entered snake mountain. Run Yu knew Jin Mi must have gone for the elixir.

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