Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep43:Jin Mi investigates death of water god Bian ChengWang is framed

The nightmare beast spit out the dream detail records the water god last saw the person use glass to clean fire to extinguish his path, andFeng ShenHe died to save the god of water.Jin MiBefore seeing the water god andFeng Shenextinguish the road, he cried and red his eyes.Jin Micame to the temple to find the place where the mare was. If the mare ate the real dream, he must have been to the palazzo.

Yanyou can't persuade meThe Run Yu", ready to take the loach back into the mud, he did not want to destroy the loach's innocent nature. As they prepared to leave, they metThe Run Yuand kuang lu, who proposed letting the loach decide for itself. The loach eventually decided to followThe Run Yuto the Louvre, where yanyou still had to leave. Watching yanyou alienate himself so much,The Run Yuwas sad to see that he had never done anything injurious to himself. He did not understand why others could be unscrupulous, but he was criticized for his revenge.

Tian DiIn front of the public, they praisedThe Run Yufor his great achievements in food distribution and disaster relief.Yin QueTian Di decided to grantThe Run Yuthe taihu lake as a reward, whileThe Run Yuasked for the relocation of the displaced dongting aquarium to taihu lake.

Run Yu brought yanyou and the loach to taihu lake. He told the loach that it was his mother's native land and asked him to protect it. The little loach happily went to the bottom of the lake. Yanyu toldThe Run Yuthat he didn't have to do this on purpose to show him, and asked him if he was still alive. NowThe Run Yuholds the sky in his power.Su LiAlready smiling, butThe Run Yustill did not stop, it can be seen that he had already deviated from the original intention.

In order to comfort all the people in the flower industry, Run Yu gave generous gifts to all the fairies and small monsters around Jin Mi, winning their praise. As Jin Mi was filial in the flower kingdom, Run Yu found Jin Mi to comfort her and advised her to be filial without any worries. Jin Mi asked Tian Di whether he could deal with the case of shuishen's destruction of the tao impartially. However, Run Yu knocked on the side, saying that Tian Di did not press the table, which was really suspicious. Jin Mi knew that such a water god could not be killed. She said and cried.

Dinner party,Bian ChengWangwithGu ChengWangAgain noisy mouth, the demon zun asks two people to drink to melt sorrow, but after drink the blood vomit die.Bian ChengWangwas imprisoned by Gu ChengWang's army as the host of the banquet. The manager came toLiu Ying,The inn toldLiu Ying,to break into the magic prison with her to rescue the master.Liu Ying,saw something suspicious and asked why he could come to his inn quietly without telling anyone. When the leader saw the news, he led the army to detain Liu Ying. Fortunately, he had a strong sense of power in the twilight, which gaveLiu Ying,time to escape and move to rescue his troops.Liu Ying,and twilight ran into Bian ChengWang's troops in the demon world. After she lost her leader's dignity, she heard thatBian ChengWangwas going to have a banquet with wu ChengWang and Gu ChengWang. She decided to stay with him for one night to avoid the wind.

Xu FengSeeing the tea yao, the mother god did not deny that the death of the water god must be related to her.Xu Fengknew that what the mother god had done was due to him in the final analysis. He did not stand to save tea yao, could not tell Jin Mi about it, and he did not know how to do so to honor his conscience.

Liu Ying went to heaven to ask Tian Di to send troops to save his father. Tian Di did not want to intervene. Liu Ying, seeing that her father had been wronged, sat by the side of the sky and did not care about it. AfterLiu Ying,left, Run Yu thought that if the matter left, the three checks and balances in the magic circle would no longer exist, had to prevent.Make XiaXianRenAlthough Run Yu volunteered to investigate the matter thoroughly,Make XiaXianRenproposed that it was more appropriate for the vulcan, who was familiar with the affairs of the devil, to step forward.

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