Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep37:Yue XiaXianRen holds a birthday feast

Tian HouTwo sets of filial piety, yesThe Run YuChoosing one of the two different customs in heaven and dragon,The Run YurememberedTian DiWords, resentfully chose the heaven of unbounded mourning clothing. He blamed himself for being useless and accused himself of not being able to attend the funeral of his biological mother according to the etiquette of the arowana. Yanyu askedThe Run Yuabout his future plans and pulled out a box, saying yesSu LiTold to him,The Run Yuopened up and found that it was full of the map of the armed forces of the aaozhou bird tribe thatSu Lihad been studying for years.

Tian Hou was happy to learn thatThe Run Yuhad selected the unbonded mourning clothes of Tian jie. However, she knew thatThe Run Yuhad a tough and hot nature and believed that Su Li's death, Run Yu, would never give up. Empress dowager says today isMake XiaXianRenBirthday,Sui HeBring her a birthday present

Yue XiaXianRen's residence is very lively, all over the celestial world sent birthday gifts.Xu FengThe gift is particularly peculiar, yesLiao YuanJunA box full of tianxiang picture albums found in the world.Make XiaXianRenwas looking at the leading strength, kuang lu also came to the birthday, also gave a night pearl as a gift.Make XiaXianRenlearned thatThe Run Yucould not go out during his wake, so he invited kuang lu to his birthday party for fun.

Jin MiJin Mi sent Yue XiaXianRen a magnifying glass. He brought it to shine on the luck fairy to have a look left and right, but also blamed her for coming empty-handed. The luck fairy promised to give Yue XiaXianRen the fate of the white lady to settle, and He happily embraced the luck fairy. Tian Di also came to the shoushi banquet of Yue XiaXianRen to join in the fun and save his lifeTai SiXianRenWith the novel speech which oneself excels at,Tai SiXianRensings a mortal small order, everybody claps his hands in surprise.Tai SiXianRenalso brought kuang lu to see his majesty, hoping to take the opportunity to ask for his daughter's grace, and to find a good match for the docile kwong lu.

Run Yu found the characters ofJin Miportrayed by chang fang in his workshop. Now,Jin Mihas been greatly changed when people come back, so she is not interested but dedicated. Therefore, Run Yu wondered whetherJin Miwas under some control. Run Yu looked through the classics and saw the introduction of the meteorite Dan, then guessed a thing or two.

Sui, looking at the drama of each father and daughter's deep love, remembered that she had killed her biological father in the world by herself. She could not help but confused her mind. Tian Di told her that she was going to retire early. She killed the only person in the world who loved her, but she could not get Xu Feng's heart. Thinking about this, she could not help but hate Xu Feng for her love. Sui He went back to Tian Hou and asked Tian Hou if He could never beat Jin Mi. Tian Hou consoled her that as a leader of the bird tribe, she could not be so vulnerable. Now it is not the last moment, who wins and who loses.

Run Yu found chang fang to tell the story. He found that Jin Mi's feeling of love was different from ordinary people. Run Yu did not want to deprive her of the right to love, but wanted to help her to remove the meteorite. However, the master asked Run Yu how to keepJin Misafe if the meteorite was removed. Run Yu promised that he would not tell the truth and would protectJin Micompletely.

Jin Mi came to the side of the pond with Liao YuanJun and told Xu Feng he would be responsible for him. Xu Feng was so angry and funny that he asked her where she had come from.Jin Milaughed and said that her husband was a bandit known as a crow.Jin Misent Xu Feng a piece of chunhua qiushi, on the chest to urge with the spirit can change the whole scenery of chunhua qiushi. Xu Feng is very cherish, put him in a soul to treasure well.

The gentleness of the two was eaten by the nightmare, and Run Yu saw the fury of the beast burst out. Mare nipped Jin Mi's sleeve and brought her to the palace to see Run Yu. Run Yu toldJin Miabout his fruitless past of trying to become a koi fish, andJin Miconsoled Run Yu with her story.When Run Yu asked about Jin Mi, he only belonged to himself, but he turned into a reality. Inch by inch, Jin Mi froze in place and hid himself when Run Yu approached. Run Yu was very sad. He told Jin Mi that he did not ask for much in his life. Jin Mi, knowing that she could not make any promises to Run Yu, turned to leave the palace.

At night, Run Yu came to the flower kingdom and explored the meteorite Dan in Jin Mi by spiritual force. It turned out that the change of Jin Mi originated from the rupture of meteorite Dan. Run Yu did not want to see Jin Mi and Xu Feng such a lingering, he would rather Jin Mi life did not know love, then with the power of spirit to repair the meteor Dan. Run Yu knew he had nothing left but Jin Mi. He could not see Jin Mi leave him. "Said Run Yu, kissing Jin Mi.

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