Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep19: Xu Feng follows Jin Mi and accompanies Jin Mi

Yuan JiXianZi Just after the emperor’s palace, he was invited to the house of the temple of Vulcan, and asked What is the numerology of the hijacking of the calendar under Jin Mi , which will be contacted on weekdays. What mortal. Xu Feng has too many questions, Yue XiaXianRen hastened to the round. Yuan JiXianZi asked if he could make a life of a lonely star. The identity was to see the red-blooded monk. After Xu Feng refused, he said that he was a man and was rejected by Xu Feng. Yuan JiXianZi Hearing that there is a holy doctor in the mortal world, the rules are strict, and he can't reveal the true feelings for men in his life. Xu Feng agrees.

Yuan JiXianZi chats with Yue XiaXianRen, she does not dare to anger Xu Feng and Tian Hou Anyone who has come up with a two-pronged strategy. She arranged Jin Mi for the most ferocious and lonely life of the Holy Family. Tian Hou was satisfied and Vulcan was also at ease. Yue XiaXianRen is also preparing to use his own red rope to help Jin Mi and Xu Feng.

Jin Mi comforts the water god, Feng Shen Although the god of water is also comforting himself, although it is a lot of hardships, if you can resolve the heavens and solidify the yuan, it is not a good thing. Run Yu also said that he will go down with Jin Mi to experience the long years of life.

There is no intention to break into the heavens in this devil world. Xu Feng remembers that today is the day of Jin Mi's life, and he rushed back to Tiangong to say goodbye to Jin Mi. Under the roulette wheel, everyone came to see off Jin Mi and watched Jin Mi fall into the mortal world.Xu Feng just returned to heaven, and then listened to the subordinates who reported that there was a black shadow entering the Zifangyun Palace. He followed the entrance to the temple and heard the news that the emperor wanted to kill the Jin Mi fairy in the world. Xu Feng hurriedly rushed to Tianmen, but was stopped by the Tianbing. Xu Feng was in a hurry and saw that Jin Mi had jumped into the mortal world and jumped down. Sui He See also jumped together. Yue XiaXianRen had to push the Liao YuanJun together and let him take care of Xu Feng.

Jin Mi was abandoned by his biological parents after he was born. Fortunately, the Sanctuary was saved and successfully lived in the Sanctuary. The opportunity to see the Jin Mi, Tian Di suddenly appeared, indicating that she chose the place for Jin Mi Really good, let her have a good look at Jin Mi's side to see if anyone intervenes in her robbery.

As time passed, Jin Mi has grown into a slim girl and became the saint of the Holy Doctor. It’s just that she is born with a bad luck and she is unlucky. Fortunately, she has a good friend to accompany, is the friend of the fairyland meat, the human name is 羌 live. Xu Feng has also become a king of war and he is about to get engaged with Sui He.

This day, Jin Mi was prepared to take a few medicinal herbs that were missing from Luoye Mountain, but her aunt was guilty of swearing and asking her to stay in the family to fight for her own medicine. The king's medicine and medicated diet are all taken care of by the holy doctor. If the king is dead, Jin Mi has to be buried, so Jin Mi has great hope that Xu Feng can live a hundred years.

熠王 Xu Feng went hunting, and did not let Qin and other soldiers follow. Unexpectedly, I met the ambush of the Liangzhu people. Xu Feng took the people to break through and finally left only one person.

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