Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep61:Run Yu unleashes the poor chi to fight the evil war Jin Mi sacrifices

Xu FengAfter her departure,Liu Ying,For twilight's sake,Jin MiAnd stopped her. She's aliveSui HeThe greatest pain.Liu Ying,ordered a demon soldier to transportSui Heinto the wilderness, never stepping out of the demon world.Sui Heyelled atJin MiandLiu Ying,that they would be punished.

The Run YuI walked alone into the deserted jiuxiao cloud temple, which was supposed to be bustling for him and Jin Mi, but now it is empty because of the escaping marriage of Jin Mi.Xu Fengcame to the provincial cabinet to absorb the spirit of poor and strange, and he intended to unify the six kingdoms with the strength of poor and strange. Now the armed forces are waiting for him, only for his vows.

Jin Mi laments that the bride clothes of the demon kingdom are very beautiful. If you wear them for a long time, you will be reluctant to take them off. WhenXu Fengcame to Jin Mi's side,Jin Mitook out the last plumes for thousands of years, hoping thatXu Fengwould eat them and cure his anti-phagocytosis.Xu FengaskedJin Miwhether he thought this could offset the guilt in his heart. He hatedJin Miand even more hated himself.Jin Miasked Xu Feng, can they go back to the past?Xu Fengwas silent and said that they could never return. WhileJin Miwas heartbroken,Xu FenghuggedJin Miand said that they could start from scratch. As long asJin Midoesn't cheat him any more, or he will go with her.

Run Yu USES the demon world to abduct the water god Chen bing forget chuan,Xu Fenga military uniform incarnation phoenix to takeJin Mito come to the front of the formation personally answer.The Run YuaskedJin Mito return to heaven, whileXu Fengreplied that he had marriedJin MiandJin Miwould not return to heaven. WhileJin Midoesn't want to start a war of the gods on his own, he wantsXu Fengnot to fight.Xu Fengordered people to protectJin Miand toldJin Mithat world war I was inevitable today.

Jin Mi is caught between the two generals in the demon world. Run Yu, in an imposing manner, scoldedXu Fengfor being rebellious to the sky and falling into the enchanted road, and was supposed to be punished. Xu Feng, on the other hand, toldThe Run Yuthat the most unsatisfied thing in his life was his destiny.Xu Feng had just lost half of her life and was seriously wounded by Run Yu in the decisive battle with Run Yu. Jin Mi found that Xu Feng's anti-bite was aggravated again. He asked him not to fight again, but Xu Feng still persisted in his own way. Jin Mi looks at the demon war caused by herself, and sees so many lives killed by her innocence suddenly and suddenly. She intends to trade herself for peace between the two worlds.

Jin Mi flies out of the way and gets in the way of both of them. Run Yu and Xu Feng attack Jin Mi with all their strength. Xu Feng catches Jin Mi and breaks down in tears. Jin Mi apologized to Run Yu for not being able to compensate her for the love she gave her. She turned to Xu Feng, wanting to hear him forgive herself. Xu Feng cried and told Jin Mi that he had never hated Jin Mi and hated himself all the time. Peng yu could only live for three days. Jin Mi told Xu Feng to take care of himself in time.

The departure of Jin Mi in exchange for the peace of the six worlds, Run Yu promised that Jin Mi would never enter the world again in his lifetime, and drew a line among the demons. The flower of the flower kingdom also closed, and no longer opened, and all the lovers wept in pain,Make XiaXianRenAnd yanyou couldn't believe that Jin Mi really left.

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