Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep13:the god of water saved Jin Mi's life

The Run YuSay you like itJin Mi,Xu FengAfter hearing all kinds of feelings, he could not help askingThe Run Yuabout Jin Mi's true identity. After listening and thinking for a while,The Run Yufelt ok. Knowing thatJin Mididn't mean to him as a man or a woman, he asked him about his attitude towards everyone around him.Jin Miliked one after the long fang advocate just relaxed mood, Chen was blamedJin Miis not heartless.

Jin Mi was brought back to the flower kingdom by the changfang master, who saw thatJin Miwas the real one, for fear thatJin Micould not be hidden. ActuallyJin Miis notTian DiThe daughter of Xu Feng, sinceXu Fenghas misunderstood, they will be wrong, let him completely dead heart. The three decided to hold vigil in turn and stay in the hospital to guardJin Miuntil she survived the disaster.

In his dream,Jin Miwas brought into a fantasy world by Tian Di. He told her about the scene where he first met the flower god 90,000 years ago.Zi FenWalking on the water, step by step lotus and xianzi zhuo madeTian Diswoon. There is no such sight in heaven since her passing.Tian Dilamented thatJin Miwas really similar to the flower god, but quite different.Tian Diheard thatJin Micould plant flowers and asked her to plant some lilies in this fantasy land.Jin Mithought thatTian Diwas really her father. The first emperor thoughtZi Fenwas negative air and would not meet his blood.Jin Miwas surprised when he heard this. The first flower god was petal lotus and he was grape essence. She put it down to what she had dreamed of, and she no longer thought of her own existence.Jin Mideliberately said in front ofTian Dithat she was lack of mental strength.Tian Dithought that the flower god had forbidden her first, so he taught her some mental methods.Tian DigaveJin Mithe power of five thousand years, which madeJin Mihappy. At the parting,Tian Ditold him thatJin Mishould never give birth toThe Run Yuand Xu Feng.

Xu Feng sent Jin Mi back to the flower kingdom before he came back to apologize to the emperor empress, who did not understand why his son would confront him for a demon not listed in the fairy world. The empress dowager feared that Xu Feng would have feelings for Jin Mi. Xu Feng vowed to never see Jin Mi again, so he would forgive Jin Mi's guilt. Xu Feng promised the emperor and empress that he would run away from the palace on the pretext that he still needed training.

Run Yu is going to the flower circle to find Jin Mi, for fear that he will bring Jin Mi to any border with her this time. Run Yu and kuang lu heard a noise at the south gate and quickly hid themselves, they learnedTian HouIt is to go to the flower boundary, then separate and go. Run Yu went to see his father for help, and kuang lu went to the flower world to see what he could do.

Jin Mi thanked the crime in front of the flower god tomb, butTian Houdid not expect it and he had to strike to hurt Jin Mi. At the critical moment, the god of water appeared to save Jin Mi. When the two men were in a standoff, Run Yu extricated him, calling the emperor and returning to tiangong for discussion on the grounds of feasting and granting amnesty to the jade emperor after the birthday. Seeing so many people protecting Jin Mi, the empress stormed out.

When the water god found that Jin Mi could summon yanyou, he asked her if she could summon water. Yanyou asked her to try, but Jin Mi really succeeded. The water god looked at Jin Mi without speaking, but with a smile on his face.

Jin Mi fainted due to excessive mental powers due to water loss. After several people settled Jin Mi, haitang fang found that Jin Mi had a kind of virility in her body, and finally it was stillLuo Lin,It took a hand to calm down that power.Luo Lin,has now confirmed Jin Mi is her daughter, and this sentence was heard by Run Yu who just returned from heaven.

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