Episode: 38 Area: China
Stars: Zhao Liying Kai Zheng Elvira Cai More>> Language:
Director: Hao Sun Hao Sun Year: 2015
Writer: Yun Nan Genre: Workplace | Urban | Emotions


Stills Song Nuan, Zhou GeGe, Gao WenRuoHan and NingBara are dormitory roommates and classmates, graduating, all four have entered a large enterprise internship. Rich second generation Zhang Sheng under the pressure of his mother, but also had to be an intern. Zhang Sheng is cracking down on Song Nuan, but Song Nuan takes everyone with his strength and resilience. Zhao XiaoChuan falls in love with Zhou GeGe, but painfully finds out that his secret party is Zhang Sheng. A few 90 are growing up, their parents are also subjected to shocks. Song GuangMing, Song Nuan's father, was unemployed, hoping to find a job without telling his wife and daughter. Chen AiLian, bent on raising her daughter Zhou GeGe, was laid off by her daughter's student Ning Bala. Children grow into cocooning butterflies on their way to growth. Parents are also reborn in the process of social reintegration. Zhang Sheng's entrepreneur mother died of business failures, leaving the world, Zhang Sheng has experienced the most significant test of life, Song Nuan never betray company, the two gain growth, but also the most pure love.

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