《BESTGETGOING》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Song Nuan Dad shows off his new job to everyone. Song Nuan wants his father to tell her mother quickly to move home. Song Nuan chatted with Zhang Sheng. She was worried about the company. She felt that her 16-year-old books were plainly read, and even the guests who invited them were not doing a good job. Zhang Sheng sees Song Nuan's frustrated look. He finds his own rich second generation buddy, asking them to get the job done. Chen Jian recognized Zhang Sheng's ability to work, and his test scores were excellent. Song Nuan They've been uncertain about the industry big brother Lu MingXuan, surrounded by discussions with the song was hit by the father of Song Nuan, Song father said he knew this Lu total, that he had worked for a day before bathing foot mechanic, this person is His client Song Nuan and Zhang Sheng went to Bathing shop where Lu Zongchang went to work to get close to him. Song dad in the company to develop a new rules and regulations, requiring employees to obey their own leadership, the move provoke dissatisfaction with the courier company manager, he found a reason to fool the past. Mr. Lee, the courier company, lodged a complaint with Zhang Sheng. He did not think that his father's official addiction was so big that his company was almost crazy. Song Nuan and Zhang Sheng secretly mixed into the bath shop to help Lu total pinch, Lu always felt very touched on them in this way, but he still did not stand whether to attend. General Manager Lee at the company hands and feet of female workers, female employees are very dissatisfied, but to work hard to endure. The female employee thinks after finding the father Song complaints, hoping he knocked on the side beating Lee, asked him to converge. Lu total consideration for a long time finally agreed to attend JM meeting, we are pleased to be broken. Father Song Nuan secretly observed Lee and found that he did indeed harass the abuse of female employees. Song Nuan father bluntly, a female employee complained to himself, the results of the total angry angry Lee, he shouted the company is his own, what he wanted to do. Song Nuan mother went to the company of Song and Dad to see him and found that Song and Dad were really working, and her gas finally disappeared. Wang met Wang with pride of character and complained to him about Song Nuan's daddy in his own company. Wang always wanted him to call Zhang Sheng directly, otherwise Jin YanRu knew it was not good for him at all. General Wang told Jin YanRu what Zhang Sheng had secretly arranged for his post to Song Nuan's father, and Jin YanRu was outraged. Jin YanRu denounced Zhang Sheng with their own money, girl, Zhang Sheng disagreed.

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