Jin YanRu severely scolded Zhang Sheng for a meal and said that he does not know anything about getting in trouble every day. When she calls JM's chairman in front of Zhang Sheng, she calls him and does not dismiss him no matter what Zhang Sheng does. Zhang Sheng is very speechless. Jin YanRu appreciated Song Nuan's serious and responsible attitude towards her work. She gave Song Nuan a business card, asked Song Nuan to help her look at Zhang Sheng and report to her in time. Song Nuan asked Zhang Sheng to go back to the company to work, Zhang Sheng did not think so, Song Nuan had to die with him, and Zhang Sheng finally could not stand back to the company. Zhang Sheng proposed to Chen Jian to change departments, he is going to the president to do internships, in fact, he is trying to get close to Song Nuan avenge revenge. Song Nuan's task to go to work every day is to buy the yellow croaker, but did not give money to buy a colleague, she wanted to open but afraid of showing their own preoccupied, in short, very sad. Song Nuan inadvertently met Wang SiYuan when she bought it. Wang SiYuan said she came to work instead of take-away, and Song Nuan asked him how to deal with the situation. He wanted Song Nuan to find his own solution. Song Nuan was criticized for being hated late by Hao Min, saying she did not organize discipline. Wang SiYuan, passing by, saw Song Nuan grudgingly could not bear it. He sent a message to comfort Song Nuan not to be discouraged. Ask more advice from his colleagues. Song Nuan inadvertently went into the men's room, Zhang Sheng also happened to come in. Zhang Sheng threatened Song Nuan with his cell phone and told her to tell her to do something, otherwise she told the company that her intention was rude in the men's room. Song Nuan told his parents about their late morning rush to work, and her mother asked Song Nuan to buy an electric car for commuting. Song Nuan riding a new electric car to work, she cares about his car, specifically bought three locks to lock the door in the company. Zhang Sheng refers to a notebook that Song Nuan took to get a copy of the computer city for himself. Song Nuan did not want to go. Zhang Sheng took the photo of the men's room and threatened her. Song Nuan had to take care of it. Song Nuan rode to pick up the computer after a shop, found the car disappeared, Song Nuan is in a hurry, she did not find a circle around. Song Nuan talked to Gege about losing cars, and she felt that she was luckless enough to get home.

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