《BESTGETGOING》Ep1:episode 1

Near the graduation, looking for a job is a knife hanging on the head of each senior. A group of senior students represented by Song Nuan, Wanli University, is active in major job fairs and shows the hardships on the job search road. Zhang Sheng, a second-generation rich man, is going to start a business. He recruited under the name of Fenghua Group under his own mother's name and caused a sensation among graduates. Song Nuan with the bedroom temperature early return to school, she was looking for a job but also specifically to the whole content. Someone in the dorm downstairs to sing love songs to Song Nuan friend Zhou GeGe confession, 来人 is Zhao XiaoChuan, computer science dominance. Scene sensational, we all think that the grid will agree, the result actually came out the pipes sprayed Ogawa one. Ogawa's favorite party, Zhang Sheng, advised him to find ways to make up for it. Ideally, he should go to the floor and arouse his compassion. Zhang Sheng opened a handsome Lamborghini school, he held a microphone on the rooftops of Ogawa propaganda, by the way promote their recruitment plan. Zhang Sheng called everyone to listen to the lecture lectures in the classrooms of the classroom. In a short while, Ogawa jumped off the crowd and spread out, even he himself rushed to the lecture. Zhang Sheng assures you that there is only one recruitment principle, that is, fair competition. Ogawa found Zhang Sheng afterwards, Zhang Sheng out of a jump building idea, the result is actually for his gorgeous debut. Song Nuan bedroom classmates are discussing the recruitment of things, we all want to work in large companies. Princess's mom Chen AiLian wholeheartedly hopes that Geng will win Zhang Sheng and become a wealthy daughter-in-law. Chen AiLian carefully prepared the gift to Zhang Sheng, who sent Song Nuan to Zhang Sheng's home. Chen AiLian made a blowfish to Zhang Sheng and Zhang Sheng displeased them with the back door. He did not appreciate it. Ailian has been stressing Zhang Sheng childhood smart and obedient, and said he had previously worked in the elegance, Zhang Sheng because of the situation or eat a fish. However, Zhang Sheng had a toxic reaction when he ate it, and Gegg and Song Nuan immediately sent Zhang Sheng to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, it did not matter in the end. Song Nuan parents also came to the hospital and they complained that it was not a bad thing to find Song Nuan. Song Nuan's parents gave advice and advice to Song Nuan in finding a job, and they asked Song Nuan to give Zhang Sheng an impression so that they could work in the office. Zhang Sheng asked Ogawa recruitment absolutely not to Gege and Song Nuan, are they hurt themselves into the hospital. Zhang Sheng invited Ogawa to start his own business and decided to do something to his mother to see. Zhang Sheng's mother learned about her son's poisoning and immediately flew back from the United States. She demanded that her son keep her job and immediately stop her recruitment in the name of her own company.

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