《BESTGETGOING》Ep10:Episode 10

Ogawa and Gege help Zhang Sheng find a way to seek Song Nuan change of heart, continue to stay in JM. When Gogg and Ogawa approached Song Nuan for a drink, they wanted to help Zhang Sheng plead. Zhang Sheng dressed as a woman looks dancing and dancing on the stage, he hopes to forgive the self-destruction image. Results Song Nuan cursed Zhang Sheng metamorphosis, got up and left, even the phone fell on the grid. Zhang and Ogawa continue to help Zhang Sheng ideas, think a lot better, but are rejected by Zhang Sheng one by one. Song Nuan's father called Song Nuan, and the result was an unacceptable one. Song Nuan's father told him that he and Song Nuan were going to Shanghai soon to settle down. Song Nuan's father also asked about Song Nuan's situation with JM, and Goggles had to keep him from having Song Nuan's resignation. Song Nuan's parents have not had time to tell Song Nuan that they are there, and Zhang Sheng has appeared at the station to receive them. Zhang Sheng settled Song Nuan's parents into five-star hotels and paid for the room. When Song Nuan calls Song Nuan a hotel, Song Nuan sees Zhang Sheng on the run. Song Nuan's father thought that Zhang Sheng wanted to chase Song Nuan, so it was good for him and Mum Song Nuan. Song Nuan did not want to worry about parents, had to do with my father. Zhang Sheng reckoned with his plan and said he was bitterly chasing Song Nuan and could not. Song Nuan, father, is the daughter of a man who warned Zhang Sheng not to hang around with Song Nuan. Zhang Sheng wanted to go, decided to use bitterness, he climbed the bridge to jump the river, of course, is a fake jump. Geng finally pulled Song Nuan to the scene, but Song Nuan was not worried at all. She cursed Zhang Sheng and said that he was always waiting for someone else's time and letting him jump into the river as early as possible. After Song Nuan left, Zhang Sheng plans to go back and know who is going to slip down into the river. Ogawa jumped off immediately to save Zhang Sheng, both had a bad cold when they came back. Zhang Sheng decided to go to the last minute, Song Nuan still did not respond when Song Nuan returned to the company to pack up. Instead, Greene felt that Zhang Sheng's way of apologizing was very manly, adding another point to his favor. Song Nuan parents sold the houses in Fuzhou's hometown, together with their savings, finally bought suites in Shanghai.

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