Song Nuan saw the roadside window of the business wear, she was looking forward to what they would wear. Song Nuan and Barra eat in the cafeteria, and Barra thinks Song Nuan was not accepted. Princess also bought her rice and sat down at her neighbor's table. She asked Song Nuan to come and eat with her. She refused to let her say Song Nuan was not a maid of princess and did not need to work according to her instructions. Gege angry all of a sudden, she and Barra quarreled, and finally each other pouring rice, the students all came round to watch the fun. Fenghua Group reorganized the interview, Song Nuan and Barra are going to participate, the result is only Barah was admitted. Song Nuan parents anxious about their daughter's job search, they kept asking questions about the results of Song Nuan's interview. Song Nuan did not want them to worry about cheating them and saying that JM's notice was not made yet. At home, Princess found the recruitment poster for the Fir Group, and she understood that it was the mum who tearing up posters. She was angry with her, and she did not want her mother to do such a thing. Chen AiLian said he did not do anything, just out of love for the princess took this measure. Princess Gela found apologize, although she even said sorry, but also a princess, but Barack accepted. When Gege and Bara talk about going to work internships, Song Nuan left silently and her work is still pending. High temperature in order to stay in Shanghai, looking for a rich boyfriend. Seeing dormitory students have a place, Song Nuan is not the taste, her future is still a confused. Song Nuan's parents learned from Chen AiLian that Song Nuan's father was very angry when his princess was admitted. At first, Hao Min personally promised to admit both Princess and Song Nuan, but Song Nuan did not receive any notice. Song Nuan Dad disguised as a plumber into JM to find Wang SiYuan, who complained to Wang SiYuan about the unequal treatment his daughter was subjected to. The wine drank the hospital and the company did not provide her with any jobs. When Wang SiYuan understood what happened, Chen Jian scolded him and Song Nuan got his acceptance letter as well. Song Nuan's parents returned home after arranging for Song Nuan's work. Song Nuan, a huge city, left and started his hard work. Song Nuan joined Gege to join JM induction training. Surprisingly, Zhang Sheng came.

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