《BESTGETGOING》Ep37:Episode 37

Song Nuan chatted with Manager Wang, Manager Wang praised Song Nuan for being aggressive and a competent person. Ogawa and Ogawa is still very awkward, Zhang Sheng persuaded Georgia to take the initiative, do not miss a good marriage. Ogawa called to the side of the grid, she took the initiative to show their feelings to Ogawa, as long as and Ogawa stay together in Chongming Island, she would rather be. Gege wants to be with Ogawa, Ogawa has hesitated, he is very gratified to Gege, but there is always a voice in his heart to remind him that he can not match the character. Gejiu excited, she pulled Ogawa asked him to make it clear why two people can not be together, Ogawa said he had loved the princess, but now do not love. Ge cried grievances, she told Ogawa really love him, how she will not want to control the future, and now she can do is to seize the happiness. Ogawa impassioned, the two finally kiss together. Princess and Ogawa go to the jewelry shop to see couple rings, happened to meet princess Mother. Chen AiLian See Ogawa and Princess immediately turned his face, said he did not have the princess daughter, princess and Ogawa is helpless. Chongming Island Office finally got the first order, we are very happy, but also eat barbecue to celebrate. Song Nuan received a phone call from Wang SiYuan and the exile of their four Chongming Island was finally over. Mr. Wang and his colleagues deliberately took pictures with Song Nuan, and the Chongming Island Office unite their efforts. When it was finally time to go separately, everyone was dismayed. Song Nuan Zhang Sheng They finally returned to headquarters in Shanghai, short-term internship is coming to an end. Hao Min received a notice from the hospital confirming that she was pregnant, and Hao Min immediately found Chen Jian to discuss. Song Nuan in the parking lot accidentally hit Hao Min and Chen Jian hugged together, she scared ran away immediately. Chen Jian fears that Song Nuan poke his hidden marriage and decides to dismiss Song Nuan after his internship expires. Wang SiYuan praised Song Nuan for their performance at the Chongming Island office and encouraged them to continue their efforts. Hao Min scrutinizing remind Song Nuan Do not tell her the relationship with Chen Jian, Song Nuan said he will be kept confidential. Song Nuan met a high temperature, she was unhappy, her husband bankrupt himself pregnant, Song Nuan is also very sad for her.

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