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Yun Nan

Yun Nan


  • Famale
  • 1920
  • Anyang, Henan
Yun Nan, female, famous writer, now lives in Beijing. In 2001, Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan won the film mythology and myths screenwriter movie short film contest champion, and the best creative award; judges Ang Lee, Zhang Aijia, Du Guowei; 2002, 20 sets of youth idol drama creation " In 2003, he served as one of 20 sets of youth idol drama "Beach" screenwriter, starring Zhou Xun, Li Yapeng; in 2003, served as the Hong Kong independent movie "You You" screenwriter, director Guo Weilun, producer Jiao Xiong screen; In 2007, he was invited by Mr. Stephen Chow to create a screenplay script for the Hong Kong Sing Fai Company to "jump out"; in 2009, he was a screenwriter of the TV series "one by one".

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