《BESTGETGOING》Ep28:Episode 28

Zhang Sheng put the promo online, attracting many fans to buy, but we still did not meet the overall sales volume. Chen Jian took a look at the performance of Zhang Sheng's interns, but he also decided to eliminate one person as required. Chen Jian to intern candidates themselves out of the candidate, we are reluctant to speak, Xiaofeng early expected this is the situation, he prepared a toothpick in advance, who pumped charred that who was expelled. Everyone did not want to draw lots and did not want to betray his comrades. Finally, Zheng RongRong volunteered to be expelled. She did not want to live daily under the pressure of being dismissed. She wanted to find a broader world. Ogawa inquired Fang Chul, a well-known router provider, and Zhang Sheng and Song Nuan went to see her for cooperation. Fang Che dismissed Song Nuan's router as she mercilessly sent them away. In order to encourage Song Nuan not to be discouraged, Zhang Sheng invited her to eat ice cream. Song Nuan found Fang Che son Yang Jiajia and wanted to sell him a router. Kejia mistakenly thought Song Nuan was chasing him. Song Nuan sincerely explained her intention, please Jia-Jia help convince his mother to buy a router, Jia-Jia Song Nuan asked to fulfill their wishes after a wish. Song Nuan mother found a loan reminder at home, the pressure of money let her out of breath. In order to earn money, Song Nuan mother went to the neighbor's house as a nanny to take care of the bedridden granny. Granny is critical of people, Song Nuan mother suffered a lot of grievances. Jia Jia wants Song Nuan to act as his girlfriend to find Fang Che, Fang Che just said that she did not agree. Fang Che and Song Nuan chatted and found that she was a very good person. She proposed that she could buy the remaining routers for Song Nuan, but Song Nuan had to switch to her company. After Song Nuan considered or rejected Fang Che, the group of interns should be in a stormy day. Jia Jia made it clear that she wanted to pursue Song Nuan, and Song Nuan said she already had people she liked. Jiajia suspected that Song Nuan and Zhang Sheng had unusual relations. Under the pressure of Jiajia, Song Nuan finally admitted that Zhang Sheng was in his heart.

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