《TheBachelorette》Ep28:Episode 28

Gong Xi "at life and death", but the body does not have any discomfort, he let Wan Ling, Ru Man and Ha Mei help him marry Xiao Ping. Wanling their help out of sympathy did help him, but failed to get Xiaoping's consent, this time she, thinking of Wang Hao misfortune. At this time, Ru men after repeated consideration, promised Mr. Sun's request, decided to fake husband and wife with him. At the same time, they received a threatening letter, but they did not know where to come from. Pink sister because of the television media through the publicity and broadcast, received a very unexpected result, the reputation of louder and louder. And Wang Hao's home deteriorated, close to the brink of bankruptcy, no longer maintained. Wang decided to sell his family property and real estate to Hong Kong to regain its full potential. Wang ho wants Yu Lu to go to Hong Kong with her father, but she is determined to stay. Wang Hao had to rent a house with her elsewhere. Ru men and Mr. Sun finally married in accordance with the contract, in order to protect Ru men, Ha Mei slipped into a new house. The joy of the wedding room was "disrupted" by Ha Mei.

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