《TheBachelorette》Ep31:Episode 31

Xiao Ping found Wang Hao, in order to tell him that he wanted to get married with Gong Xi and bid farewell to him on the dock. After Yu Lu learned that Wang Hao had left, she found a villa for him. She and the bad mood Gong Xi meet, the two cherish each other's mentality, to drink unhappy, the result of a tyranny, the two co-located in a room, downtown out of bitter joke. Gong Xi think they made I am sorry Xiao Ping thing, want to go to the river to commit suicide. Unexpectedly, he met Xiao Min, a nurse who could not get his love because he fell in love with Mr. Sun. Gong Xi rescued her from the moment she committed suicide in the river. After he learned that Xiao Min had attempted to commit suicide, Ru Man decided to turn Mr. Sun and Xiao Min into extinguishing his own emotional fire and quietly left Mr. Sun. At this time, another abjection, came to Gong Xi's residence. Instead, Yu Lu's defeat aroused Gong Xi's sympathy. He also comforted her by encouraging her to regain her strength, find a job and make a comeback. GONG Xi back home, as a result of pretending to be ru men expose them, was severely remediation of the public a lot of girls. After Xiaoping learned of the incident, she regretted her refusal of Wang Hao. She tried to find Wang Hao and did not find his way. Back to the back of the apartment, Gong Xi strongly comfort her.

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