《TheBachelorette》Ep7:Episode 7

Inquire Shi DaWei like fishing, Gong Xi, Wan Ling, Ha Mei assisted Ru men pretend fishing, to get to know him. Unexpectedly, they made a mistake and made a big joke. As Xiaoping saved Shi DaWei's little granddaughter, Shi DaWei personally find kindergarten, to give Xiaoping a large sum of money, with a sense of gratitude, was Xiaoping rejected. Shi DaWei greatly surprised, as the table of mind, specially sent her a goldfish fishing, hope Xiaoping can take this opportunity to give him a compensation at any time. On a holiday, they accompanied her husband Ru Man hometown to give her boyfriend money. Because she and he had had an oath to do for a hometown hospital. Never thought of this pedestrian, Ru boyfriend although the hospital started, but married her sister. Ru men so no return home. Ru Man finally met Shi DaWei when fishing again. While exposing her real purpose, he promised to go fishing with it and if she won, she considered her proposal. Just then, Yu Lu is designing to capture RU men on charges of fraud.

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