《TheBachelorette》Ep25:Episode 25

Bai YuTang do not want to because he was tired of a good Xiaoping, but also to save his Ami, decided to go, the two do not cry. Wang Hao learned from the newspaper that Ping was arrested by police and was in a hurry. He learned that Xiao Ping, who had just returned, was personally arrested after being arrested by the Public Security Bureau. However, Fang Xiaoping does not buy his account. She said she had a lot of feelings with him before, but he hurt his heart and said that people Bai YuTang will not give up his loved one at least, and Wang Hao was stunned and temporarily speechless. The programs of Ru Man and Wan Ling have achieved great success because they say that they are a common problem in the world of women. Not only are the programs popular, they also receive letters from many audiences. Bai YuTang came to Hainan Island, the boss let him met with the United States, so that he was surprised, Ami actually stood on his cane. Although Amoe did not say anything, he finally identified the gang of criminals. Xiao Ping received a comic fax from Bai YuTang, who told her that it was sent from Hainan Island and promised her to address the fax office. As a result, Gong Xi lied to her, Xiao Ping decided to find a solution.

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