《TheBachelorette》Ep19:Episode 19

Yu Lu knew Liu Ming made the courier company accident, then came to persuade Wang Hao to go home and ask her father for money to pay for the customer's antique vase. Wang Hao listened, decided to bring Xiaoping and A Dai to see his father, begging for money to his father. The king saw this, very angry, not only rejected him, and curse him a stink. Yu Lu suddenly asked to solve the problem while Wang Ming and Liu Ming claimed the antique vase, but Wang Hao did not get her love. Since Wan Ling learned of Li Yong, he tried his best to get close to him. She and Ha Mei went to the swimming pool to see Li Yong. Wan Ling can not swim, out of the ocean, there have been a series of embarrassing things. One night, Gong Xi, Wang Hao once again found the child's mother, they finally caught her, she questioned in the crowd, said the child's father's name. To everyone's surprise, he is actually the famous Li Yong.

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