《TheBachelorette》Ep37:Episode 37

Accompanied by Wan Ling, Ha Mei met the tribe again. After the blood sample verification, Ha Mei identified as the tribe, "the lost princess." The three men who pursued Xiao Ping came to visit her at the same time. Under the arrangements of Wan Ling, Ru Nan and Mei Mei, they would like to see each other separately from each other, making it fall apart and becoming a farce. The next day, Xiaoping informed Wang Hao of his decision to marry him. Both were again in pain. Gong Xi and Ru Man originally wanted to make the small community a hope primary school, and they all dedicated themselves to this. Originally it was a good thing. Unexpectedly, the so-called principal was a liar. When she took all the money away, Gong Xi instead took a debt. In order to avoid being in the limelight, he had to leave everyone before leaving and farewell to all.

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