《TheBachelorette》Ep13:Episode 13

Just then, the disappeared Xiao Ping's fiancé Da Bao suddenly appeared in kindergarten, he looked for Xiaoping, demanded forgive him for his part. Listening to him so calmly Xiaoping said that the heart softened, to this hesitated again. In fact, Da Bao has collaborated with Chen Da, the female secretary of Shi DaWei, who wanted to use Xiao Ping's goodness to cheat the history money. Ru men, Wan Ling They do not know all this, but they have a sense of instinct, so I tried my best to not let Xiao Ping with him in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Da Bao how willing, willing to find many opportunities for her to think of using the gold hook to ask Shi DaWei for money to pay off his debt, but also designed the abduction incident, to induce Xiao Ping to Shi DaWei opening. Wang Hao in a brokerage company, unable to stand the star of his drooling, resolutely resigned from the job. But Yu Lu did not give up chasing Wang Hao. She let Liu Ming approach the girls. In order to approach them, Liu Ming designed a suicide accident on the way of Ru Man and Wan Ling. Of course, they are blocked, but the purpose of Liu Ming close to them did not work. Xiaoping has been worrying about finding money. One day, she finally met with Da Bao, accompanied by Gong Xi.

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