《TheBachelorette》Ep1:episode 1

Kindergarten teacher Fang Xiaoping married the same day, the groom suddenly disappeared, she threatened marriage blows, chasing a department store fashion show looking for her groom Da Bao, in a hurry and Wang Hao encounter. Da Bao was heavily indebted and swept away all the sponsorship fees for the fashion show. Thus, curator Ru Man became his scapegoat and was heavily indemnified. Naive Ha Mei fashion show, accidentally picked up to write a promotional villa vouchers. Three girls who have just met each other live in that house. One who lost her fiance without any visible parent Fang Xiaoping; one who was afraid of dunking and escaped from residence Ru Man; one went to the Mainland to seek the development of Hong Kong Wanling. The landlord is the property sales manager Gong Xi, he was the superior deadline for the sale of those quality problems a few villas. Ru men back because of the black pot, to do odd jobs in this department store to pay off the debt. Wan Ling had been a salesperson in this company, see the new arrival of the young boss Wang Hao, trying to show the charm of a woman trying to approach him, but he was an embarrassment. That night, Wang Hao Xiaoping, who had taken luggage from home, went all the way to the cottage and sent her a yo-yo, hoping she would forget something unhappy.

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