《TheBachelorette》Ep16:Episode 16

Xiao Ping finally asked Shi DaWei for money, Shi DaWei knew there was a problem, but he agreed not to regret it and agreed to give Xiao Ping five million yuan. Gong Xi photos washed out, it is not fuzzy is the back. Ru Man suspects that the person on the photo is Chen Hong, secretary of Shi DaWei. Their residence in Chen Hong confirmed that she was really with Da Bao. Da Bao and Chen Hong fear that things will come to light and plan to abscond. One day, Wang Hao courier sent to department store Yu Lu Department, Yu Lu was a mockery on the spot. Ru men at this time they only know that Wang Hao has lost his original job, one after another Xie help. At this time, Xiao Ping did not know that Da Bao had escaped and was still waiting for Da Bao in kindergarten to send her a wedding diamond ring.

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