《TheBachelorette》Ep34:Episode 34

At this point, Xiaoping accepted Shi DaWei's invitation to go on vacation with Yu Lu, only to find there again where they met looking for Wang Hao. Wang Hao is working there. Yu Lu again sow discord between them, the two tension, Xiao Ping depressed mood. Xiaoping courage to go to see Wang Hao, but at this moment, Yu Lu is in stalemate, so that the two misunderstandings deepen. Xiaoping returned to the hotel unhappy, binge eating, self-torture. But Yu Lu touched her wounds on the side, making her painful. At the same time, Ru Men, Wan Ling, Gong Xi and Ha Mei et al. Are arranging a dance for the grandmother to make her dance the last Tango far away from the old lover Wen played by Gong Xi and finally fulfill the wishes of the elderly. Xiao Lu and Wan Ling in order to do more contradictions television programs, Yu Lu is determined to provoke, the audience will judge two pink sister, read to them.

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