An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep9:later, she was found to have been tampered with. Mr. Xue was so angry that he died after stabbing her.

The birthday banquet of the queen of heaven began smoothly, the master specially contributed beauty to the queen of heaven, so that the queen was very happy. The stepmother asked ye to greet her husband and wife liu, who had just returned to the north. However, they did not care about her at all, which made her very embarrassed. Before the party was over, she felt ill and found an excuse to go back to bed. The queen asked her maidservant to bury yuehuadan sent by the master under the laurel tree as usual, indicating that she never dared to accept the master's kindness.

The lady told the story of her youth and recalled her youth. She remembered the picture of the banana that she had brought with her when she entered the palace. She asked her to bring it to her. After seeing the day, li gong asked people to take the painting, very scared, see Zhao LanZhi Never came, knowing that his life was over. Li gathered his clothes and prepared to tell the truth to the queen. Zhao LanZhi sent the painting to him in time. Li found that the paper on which the plantain was mounted appeared to have been changed, but he was so pressed that he had to hand it over, secretly thinking that he had read it wrong.

Later, looking at the picture below, she remembered the scene in her youth when Mr. Xue painted this picture for her and asked her to take it with her. Later, she remembered Mr. Xue and wondered how he was now, whether he had married a wife and had children. In the middle of the night, the picture of banana suddenly became a horror scene of refugees' displacement in 13 counties. The queen was so angry that she punished him on the spot and sent Zhao LanZhi to her side to investigate the painting. Zhao LanZhi told the queen that the painting was the bottom picture of banana trees, except that the same painter used a special potion to draw another picture of refugees on the bottom picture of banana trees. Zhao LanZhi told the queen about the scene where the government built water conservancy and the refugees were displaced. She knew that xue wanted to remind herself in this way and asked Zhao LanZhi to go to a place.

Ye YuanAn Deliberately tempted Mu Le She was surprised to find that his skills had become so much better. Who is the best to him in the world? Ye YuanAn was very satisfied with Mu Le's answer. She asked him if he had taken tian shu's medicine recently or learned kung fu recently. Mu Le told Ye YuanAn that he thought huo Yang's move was fast, but when he finally ran away, he thought huo Yang's move was much slower, so he caught it.

Ye yuan was playing with mule, and Ye yuan was making fun of Mu Le. As a result, the stepmother and Lord Ye saw this scene. Because of their strange posture, Lord Ye misunderstood Mu Le to seduce Ye YuanAn. Ye YuanAn begged for Mu Le and was beaten by Lord Ye instead. Just as Ye yuan was about to hit, Mu Le broke Ye's stick with his hand, which annoyed Ye. Ye YuanAn is the head of Mu Le and runs away from home with him in anger.

Ye YuanAn and Mu Le had no money with them. Both were hungry. Ye YuanAn realized that he could not go home now and had to find a way out. So he took Mu Le and ran to Zhao LanZhi for help. Zhao LanZhi was arranging the carriage and preparing to escort the queen to the banana grove. Ye YuanAn did not know that. He asked him to take himself out to play. She heard the voice and asked Ye YuanAn to ride in the carriage with her. The queen of heaven was very glad to see Ye YuanAn, and asked her if she liked Zhao LanZhi.

Later, he saw Mr. Xue waiting in plantain forest. He found one of his eyes was destroyed, so he asked him about it. Mr. Xue told the queen that local soldiers forced the villagers to move away because of the water conservancy. Mr. Xue tried to stop but was stabbed in the eye. Later, I heard Mr. Xue's words and understood that Mr. Xue was seeking revenge for himself and the refugees.

Mule smelled a lot of people in the air, and everyone noticed something was wrong. At this time, Mr. Xue took out a pot of blood wine, let the queen drink down, while vowing to treat the people of the world. Later felt that Mr. Xue wanted to kill himself, hesitating to drink, Mr. Xue saw a drink. The queen trusted Mr. Xue and tried to drink the blood wine, which was overturned by Zhao LanZhi. The blood wine fell to the ground, sending out black gas. At this time, the refugees arranged by Mr. Xue were all gathered in the forest of plantain. Everyone wanted to revenge on the queen, and Zhao LanZhi and others had to cover for her escape. Mr. Xue was stabbed, bleeding and hiding nearby Ming Hui Jun, in order to get the nine star sky beads, carried out Mr. Xue. Mr Xue did not say where the nine star beads were, but Ming Hui prefecture found the nine star beads in Mr Xue's blind eye.

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