An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep5:Zhao LanZhi revealed that it was the master of the tomb that led Ming Hui county to hand over the nine stars to the master

Zhao LanZhi After catching jiang, he said that the mastermind behind the drug trafficking case was indeed jiang forbearance, and asked if it was jiang forbearance that killed ruyue. Jiang saw that this was a bureau Ming Hui The face of the Lord of the county admitted that he was behind the hand, also said that if the month saw his deal with people, so he killed ruyue. Ming Hui governor still can not put jiang forbearance, she let jiang forbear to take him away. But jiang knocked Ming Hui out, saying it was the last thing he could do for her. Jiang forbearance fought against the death wish and was killed by Zhao LanZhi, but he released the fragrance of ah furong before his death, indicating that no one could escape.

In the middle of the illusion, pei felt the appearance of the moon in front of his eyes, and eventually died of emotional excitement. Everyone fell into the illusion because of the aroma of ah hibiscus, fortunately Mu Le Just in time to cut off the red candle, to stop the illusion. Zhao LanZhi found that she was hiding in the red candle. He knew that the moon was dead like this. After Ming Hui's wife woke up, her brother told her about jiang's hallucination and murder. Ming Hui county, after listening to the news, was heartbroken. She knew that jiang forbearance knocked herself out, in order to kill everyone and let herself live alone.

Ye YuanAn Q: when did Zhao LanZhi doubt ginger? Zhao LanZhi explained that the original catch of the madam and the merchant were jiang yan's help in catching people. As things happened so coincidentally, he had long suspected jiang yan, so he set a trap with pei, and wanted jiang ying to show his feet at the wedding. Zhao LanZhi lamented that pei was physically weak and eventually died by sucking on ah furong. Ye YuanAn reminded Zhao LanZhi that Ming Hui jun woke up and asked jiang forbearance. When they left, he did not ask pei childe.

Ye YuanAn prepared a gift for stone and xiaoyu, and offered the deeds of the stone to let them live in peace. Mu Le did not go out in the room. Ye YuanAn asked him to do things well. He would be nice to him. Actually, Mu Le's requirement is very simple, do not hit oneself line. Ye YuanAn gave the little silver snake to her father. Ming Hui Lord gave the nine-star sky beads to the master, the master was excited.The master of the state praised Ming Hui's master for using himself as a decoy to get the nine stars and beads. Ming Hui's master swore that Zhao LanZhi and Ye YuanAn would not be spared because of jiang's death. Ming Hui prefecture asked the master to tell himself the secret of the nine stars and beads. The master told her to give her whatever she wanted as long as she helped herself to collect the beads. The master gave him to Ming Hui to take the place of jiang.

Ye YuanAn's stepmother arranged a blind date for her. Unable to do so, Ye asked yuan to help him make a skin mask and make himself an extremely ugly woman. Unexpectedly, the blind date was Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi deliberately indicated that only the wanted man tianshu made such a fine mask. Zhao LanZhi asked Ye YuanAn about tianshu. He said tianshu grabbed nine star tianzhu just after the master of three treasures passed away. He was a bad man. Ye YuanAn was stimulated by Zhao LanZhi's words and left angrily. He also said that he and Zhao LanZhi had done so.

The stepmother asked Ye yuan how he felt about Zhao LanZhi. Ye yuan wanted to say it was good, but then she shook her head. Ye YuanAn said tianshu's name to his senior, and he recognized his identity. Tianshu tells Ye YuanAn that the shaman is so good to himself. What reason does he have to kill for the nine-star orb? Ye YuanAn believed that tianshu was a bad person and would not be so evasive. When Ye YuanAn went to bed in the middle of the night, he thought Zhao LanZhi was really good-looking.

Ye YuanAn took Mu Le to play in the street, during which Mu Le stole Ye YuanAn's sleeve. Ye YuanAn brought Mu Le to eat. They had a wonderful time. Mu Le followed the butler's orders to go into the cellar to deliver food, but was attracted by the small animals in the cellar. Into the cellar. Tianshu saw someone come in and moved his hands with Mu Le. He told him that he was a doctor. Tianshu tricked Mu Le into sticking out his tongue to try the medicine on himself. Mu Le takes a drudge, makes the chicken fly the dog to jump in the yard, the whole person inside the mouth is smoking.

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