An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep20:Ye YuanAn was rescued by the public. Investigate the cause of death of huan ge.

because Ye YuanAn It is big young lady, the undertaker can only according to her request, send mulberry leaf to eat. It was very funny to hear that Ye YuanAn wanted to eat mulberry leaves. Ye YuanAn ate the mulberry leaf very happily, she already did not remember Mu Le Yes, ask him for his identity. Mu Le asked Ye YuanAn to identify himself well and told her many things about the past. Mu Le kept telling Ye YuanAn about the past and wanted Ye YuanAn to think about the past as soon as possible. Ye YuanAn was very happy to listen to Mu Le. He was so good before. In the case of Ye YuanAn's infection, Mu Le had no choice but to tie Ye YuanAn up to prevent her from scratching herself. Ye yuan woke up and kept yelling for water. After Mu Le poured the water for Ye YuanAn, he found that she actually thought of himself Zhao LanZhi . Ye YuanAn did not know that the person in front of him was Mu Le, and said a lot of words about Zhao LanZhi that he valued.

Ye YuanAn said a lot to Mu Le about the fate of Zhao LanZhi, and said the fate of Zhao LanZhi was more important than anything else. After hearing this, Mu Le was very upset. He asked Ye YuanAn about himself and wanted to know his status in Ye YuanAn's heart. Ye YuanAn said that he liked to play with Mu Le, but when he was asked if he liked Mu Le, Ye YuanAn mischievously refused to tell Mu Le. After three days of baking, the silkworm venom in Ye YuanAn's body was finally forced out, and eighty-one silkworms were forced out of her ears.

Mu Le showed all the silkworms to tian shu and thought he was right. Tianshu was very satisfied. He said that Ye YuanAn's body was made up of a silkworm which could control the human heart. Mu Le raised the suspicions of Zhao LanZhi with the public, and people felt that the incident was indeed like that of xiu. Ye YuanAn wondered why he had nothing to do with his brother's death. Ye YuanAn asked tianshu to rescue Zhao LanZhi. They decided to go together to check the body of huan ge.

Xiu found Ye YuanAn in the street, wondering why she didn't die, so he followed Ye YuanAn and others to the cemetery. Tianshu examined his body and told the crowd that his body had been ingested with a tin stone needle. Ye YuanAn was very glad to hear that. He thought it was enough to prove that he had been murdered. Ye YuanAn thought that huan ge had just come to changan, and he was not a man of great evil.Upon hearing the conversation, xiu ran out and identified himself to the public. He wanted to follow Ye YuanAn to the general's palace to investigate.

This was the day when the general's daughter got married. Ye YuanAn and others decided to seize this opportunity to find out the real murderer. General guo was depressed because of the death of his brother and the fact that he did not want to meet with his daughter. Guo madam is angry, with guo general's big quarrel, two people's daughter see in the eye, still feel is oneself did wrong what. Guo asked her daughter not to worry, marry well, the rest of the matter will have their own follow Ming Hui The governor deals with. Ye YuanAn and others sneaked into general guo's house. When climbing the wall, Mu Le collided with Ye YuanAn and Ye YuanAn jumped down the path in an instant.

Because of miss a xiu, general guo specially let people prepare the color play program. A xiu looked at the puppet on the color play and thought it was all god's will. Guo general is in the government looking at the puppet to see people, xiu suddenly appeared, 19 years did not see, both very sentimental. Guo wants to entertain guests, he told xiu to wait in place for himself. When general guo left, xiu planted silkworm poison into general guo's body. All she wanted was to avenge her son.

Guo married his daughter and later attended the couple's wedding. Guo told the queen that he had specially invited the troupe to perform a performance, which made her very interested. The queen went out of her way to encourage general guo so that he would not decadent over his son's death. A xiu took the stage as a color opera master. She watched the reunion of the general guo on the stage and felt even more deeply about her brother. A xiu by the puppet show on the spot with queen of injustice, let the queen for the joy of the elder brother. Ye YuanAn also ran out, said that there was something wrong with the death of joy brother, hope that the day after tomorrow to thoroughly investigate the matter. Guo cried on the spot, said his daughter married, hope that the day of retrial. The queen thought the occasion was not suitable for investigation, so she wanted to leave.

A xiu used silkworm poison to control general guo, let him in front of the public, attracted the queen's attention. When things go like this, the wedding can't go on. Xiu let general guo huan ge's voice to speak his grievances, but also let him hold snow LAN. Mrs Guo saw that her daughter's life was about to be lost, and could only speak out in public about what she had done. When lady guo learned of the existence of huan ge, people secretly monitored him and found that he really recognized general guo and his father.

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