An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep17:Ye YuanAn invited Ye YuanAn to investigate the event of a show. Zhao LanZhi perceived that huan ge was the son of general guo.

The drunkard that joy drinks, in Zhao LanZhi In front of the arrogant, also said that Lord ye is his father. Zhao LanZhi found that huange looked like a person, but he could not remember who he was. After huange came back from the qing Lou, he found that he had no money bag. The elder brother thought the other party is so beautiful, decide to endure this tone, steal money from the home. Ye yuanning mother and son found the attempt to huange, hiding in the side to watch good drama.

Huan ge was caught stealing, ye yuanning saw through but did not uncover, and also pretended to goodwill to tell huan ge, let him to steal things in the basement, said Ye YuanAn Hide the queen's bounty in the vault. Huan ge relied on his status as the eldest son of ye fu, and sure enough, he did not say anything to go to the basement. See the elder brother to be about to lead the person to break into the basement, the day shu hide inside very anxious. At the critical moment, Mu Le I taught my brother a lesson. Joy attitude is arrogant, still do not know to restrain, still say Mu Le is inferior servant. Ye YuanAn arrived, to see huange humiliate Mu Le, also want to enter the basement, huange beat a beat.

After being beaten, the boy's attitude improved a lot. Just then, Lord Ye arrived at the news to prevent Ye YuanAn from teaching her brother. Huange saw that the adult leaves to do a backer, immediately arrogant to express that he is to enter the basement. Ye YuanAn refused to let her, and in public with a quarrel with joy, Lord Ye had to make peace and leave with her. After the crowd left, Mrs Ye and Ye YuanAn showed up, deliberately set up Ye YuanAn against brother huan, also said that the blood was drawn from brother huan, his origin is still very suspicious. Ye YuanAn couldn't stand her brother anymore. She finally decided to make a move. According to Ye YuanAn's suggestion, Ye YuanAn decided to ask Zhao LanZhi for help and went to the palace to investigate the matter of a show.

Zhao LanZhi went to the palace where he managed the art of painting. However, he found that there was no record of ah xiu. While Zhao LanZhi was wondering, ah ling, one of the insiders, came in. Ah ling's eyes can not see, can only die in the palace, she said casually that she is not like friends can go out of the palace.Zhao LanZhi saw that ah ling knew ah xiu and asked her immediately. Ah ling said something about ah xiu. At the beginning, ah xiu and ye met. Xiu liked general guo and often went to see him secretly.

Lord ye and general guo are good brothers, he specially called Lord ye, let him accompany him with the show. General guo helped Lord ye to speak and persuade xiu to accept him, which made xiu very sad. Later, she knew that general guo was going to the battlefield, so she was entrusted to Lord ye. Xiu spent the night with general guo before he went to war. Because the doll is a xiu and the general guo, so she looked for Lord ye to leave the doll. Later, xiu was accused of making poison dolls, and she was kicked out of the palace. As a matter of fact, xiu was kicked out because ah ling accepted money from madam guo and set him up. A xiu should have been executed, it happened that the palace had a good news amnesty, she was lucky to get a life.

Zhao LanZhi listened to the story of ah ling and guessed that huan ge was the son of general guo. Zhao LanZhi asked ah ling. The person she said, xiao xiu's good friend, knows everything. How are you doing now? Ah ling told Zhao LanZhi that the man became the most respected person in the drama troupe. However, he was quickly punished and became blind. He could only live by his sense of smell. Zhao LanZhi did not speak after listening and turned away. Stay with ah ling mumbling to herself, thinking that she had hurt the little show.

Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn about the investigation. He guessed that huan ge was general guo's child. They had to have enough evidence, because it was a matter of imperial blood, which Mrs Ye heard. Zhao LanZhi visited general guo, who was very sad about his absence. Zhao LanZhi deliberately stated that he met a similar looking huan ge with general guo, whose mother was the former color opera master a xiu. General guo was very sad when he heard about the whereabouts of his mother and son. He remembered the events of that year and felt very sorry for him. Madam guo peeked at general guo's wooden box and found a dirty and broken doll inside. Not only that, Mrs Guo found nine star beads in her children's doll.

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