Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep13:Episode 13

Because that strong for sister "media" anti-caused unpleasant, Jin has a belly grievance, he can not figure out why Wen does not accept Mo Mo. Stubborn Jin began to deliberately alienate Wen, Wen and his friends do not want to turn their heads, but no explanation. The others are unknown, and Mo Mo alone understands everything but does not seem to understand anything. Finally, Ying was discharged from hospital. LUCY took home and Xiong, who should have been waiting at home, did not know where to go. LUCY hit a few calls are less than contact, only told Ying waiting at home well, she ran back to find Xiong. Ying sat alone in his wheelchair until it was getting late. While in a state of anxiety, Xiong came back, sweating profusely, a look of panic like a mistaken child. He told Ying what happened to her company when she was in a coma, telling her she now has nothing. In the face of the fragility of men, Ying showed a woman's tenacity, she knows he is now Xiong all. One winter night, Mo Mo wrote a long letter to her brother under the lamp. She thanked her brother for her intentions and showed her intention of leaving Wuzhen after graduation. One winter night, Ying started with the help of Xiong to sort out the bulk of her backlog of messages. Suddenly, she saw a familiar envelope, above her own typeface, that was the letter Wen gave her on the day. Xiong curiously asked Ying why he was writing a letter to him, and Ying stalls him. Hand holding the letter, that passion, that agreement, sometimes flock to the heart and eyes. Xiong was urging her to rest, pushing his wheelchair off the desk, the letter falling from Ying's finger, and Ying reluctantly watched it lay in the middle of a pile of envelopes. Another new year, Mo Mo still folding paper crane, save her secret blessing. Jin's travel agency expanded, with the New Year's festivity, he held a grand opening ceremony in the town, Qi Shu uncle is naturally a guest, Wen also awkwardly followed Qi Shu uncle. After they left, they saw Wen quietly leaving a red envelope for Lingerie and Mo Mo, and Jin's face could not be reached anymore. In Taipei, Ying and Xiong are preparing to start anew, and Fu is also helping out. Only in one corner of his heart, Ying also always remember the far place that can not practice agreement, but the barrier of time and space, so that she can not explain, but can not practice.

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