Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Cast

Wen Huang Lei Play)

Born in Wuzhen long in Wuzhen, childhood loss, by the ancient town library Qi Shu uncle raised up. Wen has a natural fear of the modern city of Wen Ming. After graduating from Peking, he volunteered to go back to Wuzhen to help Qi Shu tidy up ancient books. If not Ying's appearance, his calm and busy days would be as steady as the bridge. .

Huang Lei

Huang Lei (Chinese: 黄磊; pinyin: Huáng Lĕi; Mandarin pronunciation: ;) is a Chinese actor, director, singer, screenwriter, and model. He was born on 6 December 1971 in Nanchang, Jiangxi, and now he lives in Beijing.

Ying René Liu Play)

Is a talented female designer in Taiwan, has enjoyed a good reputation in the fashion industry in Southeast Asia. At the end of the century, she helped several well-known fashion magazines and fashion companies to hold an oriental fashion show in the ancient town. She has always been able to be confident and confident. However, she was deeply attracted by this small town of Jiang. Quietness

René Liu

Rene Liu (traditional Chinese: 劉若英; simplified Chinese: 刘若英; pinyin: Liú Ruòyīng; born 1 June 1970) (some says 1 June 1969) is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She is the first person to win Best Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in both television and film productions. She has released several albums including I'm Fine (我很好).

Qi Shu Xu Zhu Play)

Xu Zhu

Zhu Xu (Chinese: 朱旭) is a Chinese actor. He is well known for his roles in Zhang Yang's Shower and Wu Tianming's The King of Masks, the latter film helping him garner a Best Actor prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Mo Mo Angelica Lee Play)

Is a girl who grew up in the ancient town, is Wen's best friend Ah Jin's sister. She grows like a fairy in the mountains and rivers, handsome, intelligent, proud and happy. Wen did not notice that this little girl had grown quietly. She looked at his gaze and was filled with the sadness of her first love.

Angelica Lee

Angelica Lee (AngelicaLee), born on January 23, 1976 in Malaysia, Hong Kong film, visual, song and more female performer, Malaysian Chinese. In 1995, by signing Rolling Stones as a singer debut. In 1996, published the first Mandarin album "Under the same sky". In 2000, the film was officially launched in the film industry, the first actress as the movie "love you love me", won the 2001 Berlin Film Festival Award for best new actor. In 2002, participated in the movie "Ghost Eye" won the 39th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. In 2003, starred in the famous movie "hell", won the 22nd Hongkong Film AwardsBest actress award and the Taiwan film Golden Horse Award for Best Actress.

More《Time flies》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jidong Lin Jin No introduction
(None) Xiu No introduction
Qiang Hu Xiong No introduction
Tarcy Su Fu No introduction
Hsueh-Liang Pu Jun No introduction
Hsu-Chung Huang Liu LangGeShou No introduction
(None) Ying BaBa No introduction
Dehua Zhou Er Sha No introduction

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