Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep4:Episode 4

Another year's Spring Festival, the ancient town of the Spring Festival has its own unique temperament, this joy of excitement comes from the heart, but not simple is a form. Mo Mo runs around like a kid with firecrackers. In Taipei, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival is also quite strong, but only a form. Ying in a small antique shop spotted an old music box, the owner insist on not selling it to her. Wen played basketball on the basketball court across from Mo Mo's home, and Wen was reluctant to play here, even playing against the wall and back against Mo Mo. However, it may be a terrible thing to look at the back of the back, especially for someone like Wen who closes her heart. Mo Mo also always experiences Wen. She has her own shyness. She has always been back to Wen, sitting facing the room and she would rather listen. Ying received an e-card from Wuzhen, which was sent by Mo Mo. Mo Mo invited Ying to come to Wuzhen again. Xiong also told Ying that she wants to go to Wuzhen together with Ying. Qi Shu looked back at the phone, a call made by a woman whom he and Wen's father loved most. Wen has been thinking of Ying in his heart, though he can not be sure what it is. Ying wanted to forget Wen and proposed to Xiong to get married quickly, but men and women always stood in different worlds to face the same problem. Ying was afraid he would fall into a disorderly emotional trap and could not extricate himself. Fear from Ying on their own ignorance and distrust; but Xiong but think it is because of their busy work to ignore the lover. Mo Mo sent Wen a new basketball as a New Year's gift, but because of carelessness, the ball drifted away, Wen was a little overwhelmed and Mo Mo felt sad. Qi Shu came to Wen's parents' grave and made a phone call to Wen's father. Photographs taken in Wuzhen were posted in a prestigious fashion magazine, and Ying sent the magazine together with a greeting card to Wuzhen. Here is the only photo of Wen and Ying. Mo Mo's suitor, Dongdong, returned to his hometown. He took the greeting cards and magazines from the postman to the academy. Wen seemed to understand Ying's intention. Ying suggested to Xiong that she would like to go to Wuzhen in Shuiwu Township together. She wanted to rely on her to help her forget her, forget her water town, and forget about the juvenile in the waterfront bridgehead.

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