Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep16:Episode 16

Wen is a disease for more than a month. Under the auspices of Qi Shu Shu, he gradually recovered. Ying and Xiong on the road met Liu LangGeShou again. The singer asks Ying, and congratulates her, who treats Xiong as Ying's lover from afar. Ying runs back to find the singer and gives him a coin, telling him she is no longer needed. The singer saw that Ying did not get back the distant love, so she sang again for her, or the first song Wen had ever heard. Qi Shu with Wen to take a bath, go home, the two children sitting on the bridge, Qi Shu uncle told Wen a story. He is actually talking about the story of his youth, spoke of Ying, always talked about their differences. Wen is better on the basketball court. Suddenly, he found a bunch of paper cranes under the basket. Looking up at the other shore, I noticed Mo Mo was watching him. He did not know Mo Mo did not go, he actually understood why Mo Mo did not go. Ying again patronized the antique shop, she found the sound box is gone, the owner told her to give a person to be repaired. She did not know that was Wen. Wen in the repair music box, Qi Shu uncle also join in the fun. Qi Shu Shu found the carved box inside the line engraved words, is Ying Wen. Wen read it, it turns out to be a proverb about love. Jin and Mo Mo are playing chess, he is so shameless that only his sister accompanied him. But even his sister, he is under. As the brothers and sisters talk below, Jin encourages Mo Mo to take the initiative to get what he likes. Mo Mo was inspired, ran to the academy, just Wen went out to buy food. Facing Wen, Mo Mo could not speak again.

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