Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep7:Episode 7

Wen seems to have done nothing, he himself did not know how to come up with this sentence, but after all he just promised to wait downstairs Ying, Ying, he must have come downstairs and not see him until late. Shu Shu will also explain, he immediately thought it was Wen sensible performance. Wen knocked directly on Ying's door, the two eyes converging, the air in the room solidified, and both tried to break the silence with inexplicable pleasantries. Even if it is greeting, the two are more aware of each other's tacit understanding. Two people talk all the way back to the academy. The crowd cheerful dinner, and it seems like a family together to chat with tea, not everyone in the crowd under noisy, Wen and Ying looked at a smile. Wen gave Tea to Ying and everyone else was busy doing other things. When the two looked back again, the music of "Piano Lessons" sounded in the academy. Wen and Mo Mo sent Ying back to the inn. When he returned to his room, he saw that Qi Shu was waiting for him. Qi Shu asked Wen Ying's status quo. Wen went together and handed Qi Shu Shu Ying brings gifts and letters to him. Thick dark night can not stop the two hearts are about to collide. The next morning, Wen, Ying, Mo Mo and the four east-east young people visited the famous local orchid tournament. Among the crowds, four people were separated. In such a town, four people always pass by. When Wen finds Ying in a narrow, long lane, Ying's expression clearly tells him that she is coming for him. Definitely a rare miracle in his life. This can not stop the distance of a few steps. Wen's desire and determination to step by step firm, and Ying's resistance collapsed in the fall. Wen grabbed Ying's hand and started to run.

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