Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Wen fell asleep somehow in the academy, he made a dream, dreamed of encountering Ying and then, dreamed of later differences, and even dreamed of the dream once done. Ying walked out of the inn and walked bravely to the email, and she sent a letter to Wen. On the road, Ying and Mo Mo met Mo Mo gave Ying year chrysanthemum, unexpectedly, broke the paper, chrysanthemum scattered in the river. Mozy Mo Mo decided to go alone. She wants to give Wen a chance to choose. Wen woke up and rushed to the station in the town, only to see Mo Mo left his note. Ying, who decided to leave silently alone, missed the only bus. The people in the town went out to participate in the Chrysanthemum Festival, and the empty town left only Wen and Ying two people. Mo Mo attended the conference in Shanghai for a long time, but she sat in her seat for a long time. Qi Shu Shu is also in Shanghai, he came to live in the hotel Ying, and finally saw the same as his two glittering Ying. Wen and Ying found an altar of alchemy in the wine shop and they were drunk together.

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