Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep10:Episode 10

Every day, Wen came to the place where the miracle happened, and he started to build a tower there. Ying returned home and found Xiong on a business trip, leaving a note telling Ying that he would come back and that they would get married and then Xiong would stay with her every day. Qi went back to the academy, and Qi Shu was a bit angry. Qi Shu said Wen was in solitude, saying he was not sure whether Ying likes him or not. When Wen said he was sure, Qi Shu Shu self-comforting and just reached The ease again crushed. Qi Shu uncle froze again. Ying went to visit his father again, and his father reminded Ying and Xiong to get married soon. They also asked whether they were accustomed or loved. Ying replied that they were love. Wen and Mo Mo met on the street and the two chattered to Fengyuan Shuangqiao, secretly seen by Jin, making Jin more certain of his own suspicions. Mo Mo asked Wen if she did not like her, and Wen said she really likes Mo Mo, just her sister's kind. Ying and Fu tea together, Fu said he did not want to get married, Ying said Fu was pre-marital panic disease, but also said that we must get married soon, get married will forget. Jin asked to go to the wine shop to drink, drank Mo Mo's father's daughter Red, Jin let Wen Mo Mo. At this moment Mo Mo also came to drink together. All three were drunk, Mo Mo said drunk forgot. Mo Mo and Wen race, on the bridge, Mo Mo told Wen she knew Wen and Ying things, asked Wen Ying will not come back, Wen did not answer. Mo Mo said Wen was an idiot and a fool who did not love her.

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