Time flies(TV)[2003]
Time flies(TV)[2003]

《Time flies》Episodes

《Time flies》Ep1:episode 1

Morning mist enveloped in the town, an empty ship gently drifting on the river, seems to carry unspeakable story. This town is called Wuzhen. There is a famous ancient academy in the town where Wen and Qi Shu lived and worked. The college has now been converted to a library, and Wen and Qi Shu tertiary work is to organize the repair of ancient books. When the sun came out, Wen and Qi Shu opened the door to the academy like ceremonies. Mo Mo is the elves in this town. This morning, as usual, she drank two bowls of wine in a wine shop, and then went to the college with a crimson and windy face. She ran out of the college and went to school like a wind. Mo Mo's brother Wen Wen's hair Jin also, as usual, holding a small flag, carrying a trumpet, with three or four tourists came to the college, from his mouth we know that Wen back before the ancient town Studying at Peking University Library, has been studying a master's, but do not know what reason back to their hometown. The town ended the day as usual. The bustle of the early morning broke the silence of the town where the famous Taiwanese fashion designer Ying and her staff arrived. The front yard of the college turned into a rest for the working group, and Ying has been impressed by the ancient academy. Qi Shu was greeting staff and Mo Mo curiously watched them work. Qi Shu and Ying talked to Ying, Ying Qi Shu Shu have been working here for a lifetime, and Qi Shu Shu said that life here is like a day after. Another day early in the morning, Ying walked into the maze-like academy alone and inadvertently pulled out an ancient book lying on a shelf, while Wen also pulled out a book. Two pairs of eyes on the apparent together, an instant they did not look away. The middle of the two is a row of bookshelves, two people are stuck in place.

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