The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Ep7:episode 7

Songshan school and qingcheng school came to rob Lin PingZhi and Ling HuChong, so they played drums and gongs to perform a wonderful "empty city plan" on the ship. But Lin PingZhi took revenge and was captured by Yu CangHai. In the end, dozens of ships scuffle a battle, the outcome is too close to call. When Ren YingYing rescued Lin PingZhi and gave him to the huashan faction, Yue BuQun was suspicious. Wei songshan, penglai fairyland. Zuo LengChan seemed to have no idea what was waiting for him: a dozen dead bodies and disciples like a lost dog. Zuo LengChan thought fei bin was killed by Yue BuQun, so he tried to force him to agree with the five Yue and sent him to him. He arranged people to go to taishan and ask Yu JiZi to plot to usurp taishan's leadership, while he asked Lu Bai to visit the successor of chiangzong of huashan in person.
Above huashan, Ning ZhongZe, wife of Yue BuQun, led many disciples of huashan to practice sword. However, Yue BuQun scolded Ling HuChong for breaking the rules, being frivolous, killing innocent people, making friends with evil religious figures, making no distinction between black and white, and making no distinction between right and wrong. Ling HuChong was perplexed but helpless.
Ling HuChong, Yue LingShan has been in love since childhood. Yue LingShan often goes to think over cliffs to visit Ling HuChong, and gives Ling HuChong's parents a token of affection - jade sword. Two people pure love agglomerates in the swordsmanship, has created a set of "chong ling swordsmanship". At the same time, the huashan school is in great danger and facing difficulties. Ning ZhongZe wants to teach Ling HuChong huashan to learn "purple and divine skill". Yue BuQun did not agree with him due to his excuse. The songshan school invited Yu JiZi, a member of the taishan school, to discuss the succession. When fei bin ascertained that Mo Da had killed him, Zuo LengChan tried to defy the strategy, so he sent Lu Bai to investigate the successor of "jian zong" of huashan school, which was also detected by Yue BuQun. Yue BuQun was worried. He was not allowed to think about the cliffs again and disturbed Ling HuChong's mind. He asked her to ask her mother Ning ZhongZe to teach her "nineteen swords of jade lady".

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