The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Ep34:episode 34

Ren's father and daughter and Ling HuChong, Xiang WenTian and four men laid siege to Dong FangBuBai. Dong FangBuBai, however, was a brave face, holding embroidery needles, walking among all the swordsmen. In a rush, Ren YingYing distracted Dong FangBuBai's lover, Yang LianTing. Dong FangBuBai was so confused that he was attacked by many people, but he stabbed Ren WoXing in the left eye. "sunflower treasure" became a piece in Ren WoXing's hand.
In the black wood cliff hall, Ren WoXing sat on the throne of the church, proud of the people, began to hang for Dong FangBuBai people, everything seems to be just another person. When Ren WoXing mentioned the marriage between Ren YingYing and Ling HuChong, Ling HuChong was not satisfied with what Ren WoXing had done. He decided to leave first to settle the matter of wuyue concord. Ren YingYing forced himself to smile and said goodbye to Ling HuChong.
In the valley, Lin PingZhi practiced "the sword spectrum of evil spirits". Think over the cliff, Yue LingShan and tongmen diligently rehearse the kungfu on the stone wall. Yue BuQun of huashan school and hengshan school are not easy to deal with. Yu JiZi of taishan school and other three members joined Zuo LengChan to seize the position of leader.
Ling HuChong wanted to go to the wuyue festival. On his way, he met all his friends who came to help him. Ren YingYing came to help him regardless of his father's life.
Songshan wuyue conference, the momentum, each of the major schools of their seats, ready to elect the alliance. As a result, there was a flurry of intrigue. Zuo LengChan revealed that Mr Mo Da tried to blackmail Mr Mo Da for killing Mr Feibin, but Mo Da didn't appreciate it. Yu JiZi and his three disciples surrounded Tian MenDaoZhang and the disciples of the song mountain. Ling HuChong was shocked by these so-called noble deeds of decency.

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