The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Ep1:episode 1

There can be no time to calm down. There are blade, dark and white, good and evil, hypocrisy and sincerity, tightly entangled, hard to refute. Ling HuChong was ordered by his teacher and his younger sister Yue LingShan dressed up as a bartender and was at the foot of wuyi mountain. However, Ling HuChong met Qu Yang by chance. The two of them were kindred and kindred, but they got enmity and involved in the bloody center.
Lin PingZhi, a security guard in fuwei, was hunting on the mountain. He took a rest in Ling HuChong and Yue LingShan wine stacks, and had a conflict with a young man surnamed yu. Ling HuChong murdered yu as a result of his secret help. It all seems accidental, but it's all planned. When Lin PingZhi returned home, a series of strange things happened, and a succession of unaccountable deaths occurred. Lin's family is restless, ghostly, the original yu xing young people is qingcheng head son. Led by Yu CangHai, a disciple sent by qingcheng, Lin ZhenNan and his family came to seek revenge. Revenge is not the biggest target of the trip.
Lin PingZhi, who fled to the hotel, had no way out. Ling HuChong, with a chivalrous heart, tried to rescue him and mocked his disciples. As a result, many of them attacked his life.

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