The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Cast

Ling HuChong Yapeng Li Play)

He was a great disciple of huashan school and later head of hengshan school. Ling HuChong, with nine swords of dugu and the power of yi jin, has defeated all the world. He loved his younger sister Yue LingShan, and eventually fell in love with Ren YingYing.

Yapeng Li

Li Yapeng (Traditional Chinese: 李亞鵬; Simplified Chinese: 李亚鹏; born September 27, 1971) is a Chinese actor. He starred in two CCTV television adaptations of Louis Cha's Wuxia novels; playing Linghu Chong in the 2000 series, Laughing in the Wind, and Guo Jing in the 2003 series The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Ren YingYing Summer Xu Play)

The daughter of Ren WoXing, the god of the sun and the moon, is popular with the left. Yingying is good at music, because a song "smile the ao river's lake" and Ling HuChong associate, two people walk hand in hand through the wind and rain, finally get married.

Summer Xu

Xu Qing (born January 22, 1969), known also as Summer Qing, is a Chinese actress. She was accepted into the acting class of Beijing Film Academy in 1988. She made her debut in the 1990 film Life on a String, directed by Chen Kaige. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1992, and in that year, she was nominated for the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress. In the drama series Laughing in the Wind (2001), she portrayed Ren Yingying and Jin Yong himself said to her that, "You're the Ren Yingying I've always imagined her to be". On November 30, 2009, Xu became a contracted artiste under the talent agency Huayi Brothers. She portrayed Soong Ching-ling in the 2009 Chinese historical film The Founding of a Republic. Xu played the wife of Bruce Willis's character in the 2012 film Looper.

Yue LingShan Yi Yi Miao Play)

Yue BuQun, the only daughter of huashan's master, was very affectionate with Ling HuChong since childhood. They both studied together and were inseparable. It is an acknowledged young couple of huashan school. However, after Lin PingZhi came to huashan, their feelings began to change, and his father, more for the Lin family's "uncommon evil sword spectrum", used all means to force Ling HuChong, and matched himself with Lin PingZhi engaged, married Lin PingZhi private revenge, Yue LingShan was killed

Yi Yi Miao

Yiyi Miao, born in 1975 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China Mainland film and television actor. In 1993, starred in urban romance drama "Tear off Taipei." In 1995, starring costume historical drama "Empress Wu." In 1997, Starring co-produced the work "Dragon Ball". In 2000, shooting costume drama "Prime Minister Komoro." In 2001, shooting the CCTV version of "Swordsman." In 2004, the film "The Guanzhong Bandit" sister article "Guanzhong secretarial." In 2006, starring family emotion drama "Golden Wedding." In 2008, starring female bitter drama "Arch under the woman." In 2009, the film "Bloodline" of urban ethics drama directed by Chen Yingqi was shot. In 2004, with the odd sparks of love, and have a daughter.

Lin PingZhi Jie Li Play)

Lin PingZhi was the master of fujian fuwei security bureau, and killed Yu renyan, the only son of Yu CangHai, the leader of qingcheng school, by mistake to save Yue LingShan. Later, Lin PingZhi took revenge and devoted himself to huashan school, and married Yue LingShan love will come in time. As he was bent on revenge, he practiced warding off evil powers from the imperial palace before marrying Yue LingShan, and killed Yu CangHai, the leader of the qingcheng school. He was accidentally blinded by poison on the way.

Jie Li

Jie Li, born December 23, 1975 in Hongze County, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China Mainland film actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. In 1999, starred in the first personal TV series "April the world", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2000, in the costume martial arts "Swordsman" Lin Ping played. In 2002, starring in the drama "the dust settles." In 2004, in the costume love comedy "Silly Li Yuan Ba" actor Li Yuanba. In 2005, starring costume drama "Yelang Wang." In 2006, in the costume martial arts drama "Eagle Shooting Heroes" plays Ouyang grams. In 2007, as Sun Mingyu "Love is the grave of this life" MV actor. In 2008, appeared spy drama "foggy." In 2010, starred in costume fairy tale "Heaven and Earth Margin seven fairies." In 2011, starred in spy drama "last shot." In 2013, starring metropolitan emotional comedy "Happy Order." In 2014, in the costume court drama "Wu Mei Niang legend" plays King of Wu Li Ke. In 2016, starred in costume court drama "such as Yi Chuan."

More《The smiling pride》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Wei Zi Yue BuQun Huashan school leader, known as the gentleman sword. For coveting the Lin family's sword against evil, Lin PingZhi was designed as a disciple, and Ling HuChong was expelled from his master's house. After defeating Zuo LengChan, the plot to unify the country was a plot to wipe out other martial figures, and he was defeated by Ling HuChong.
Lifeng Chen Yi Lin No introduction
Xiaohe Lü Ren WoXing No introduction
Tu Men Zuo LengChan No introduction
Dong Liu Ning ZhongZe No introduction
Bayin Xiang WenTian No introduction
Qinqin Li Ding YiShiTai No introduction
Jinsheng Zang Bu Jie No introduction
Kun Yang Ya PoPo No introduction
Feng Xijun Fang Zheng No introduction
Niansheng Yang Fang Sheng No introduction
Peng DengHuai Yu CangHai No introduction
Chenghui Yu Feng QingYang No introduction
Zongluo Huang Ping YiZhi No introduction
Jewel lee Lan FengHuang No introduction
Haiying Sun Tian BoGuang No introduction
Zongdi Xiu Liu ZhengFeng No introduction
Zhijun Cong Qu Yang No introduction
Zhongyuan Liu Mo Da No introduction
Zhang Hengping Lu Bai No introduction
Weitao Mao Dong FangBuBai God of the sun and moon. He served as the minister of light and left when Ren WoXing was in charge of education. Later, he rebelled when Ren WoXing was lost in the fire. Ren WoXing was imprisoned in the dungeon of west lake meizhuang. Finally, during the war with Ling HuChong Ren WoXing and others, Ren YingYing held Yang LianTing, and Dong FangBuBai was seriously injured by Ling HuChong and Ren WoXing to save Yang LianTing, and was finally kicked to death by Ren WoXing.
Baojun Niu Yang LianTing No introduction
Zhenrong Wang Chong XuDaoZhang No introduction
(None) Tao GuLiuXian No introduction
Gong Li-feng Lu DaYou No introduction
Fuyu Zhao Lao DeNuo No introduction
Zhang Jizhong Wang YuanBa No introduction
Wang Wensheng Cheng BuYou No introduction
(None) Zu QianQiu No introduction
(None) Lao TouZi No introduction
(None) Tian MenDaoZhang No introduction
(None) Yu JiZi No introduction
Jingjing Li Sang SanNiang No introduction
(None) Yi He No introduction
Xingli Niu Lv ZhuWeng No introduction
(None) Mu GaoFeng No introduction
Zong-xue Xia Huang ZhongGong No introduction
Ulan Po sound Hei BaiZi No introduction
Yu Hong Chau Tu BiWeng No introduction
Shan Bai Dan QingSheng No introduction
(None) Lin ZhenNan No introduction
Niansheng Yang Shang GuanYun No introduction
Jian Zhao Fei Bin No introduction
(None) Wang FuRen No introduction
(None) Wang BoFen No introduction
(None) Wang ZhongQiang No introduction
(None) Tong BaiXiong No introduction
Han Fuli Bao DaChu No introduction
Cheng Wang Yu RenHao No introduction
Raymond Lam Luo RenJie No introduction
(None) Wu TianDe No introduction
(None) Yu YinZi No introduction

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