The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

Episode: 40 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Yapeng Li Summer Xu Yi Yi Miao More>> Language:
Director: Huang Jianzhong Bin Won Year: 2001
Writer: Zhou 锴 Chen YuXin Bing Chen Genre: Ancient costume | Martial arts master | Love
Producer: Zhang Jizhong

《The smiling pride》Episodes

"The smiling master" is an ancient martial arts TV series based on jin yong's martial arts novel of the same name. It is directed by huang jianzhong and yuan bin, and co-stars Li Yapeng, Xu Qing, Yiyi Miao, Wei Zi and Jie Li.

The play tells that Ling HuChong, a great disciple of huashan school, encountered Qu Yang and Liu ZhengFeng by chance and got the song of the smiling and proud. Also occasionally learned five Yue each school sword skill essence, was master Yue BuQun suspicious expulsion master. After being estranged from Yue LingShan, whom he loved since he was a child, he met and fell in love with Ren YingYing, a religious saint, when he traveled across rivers and lakes. Finally, after Yue BuQun's ambition was exposed, Ling HuChong stepped in to prevent the war and retired from the river with Ren YingYing to play "smile the proud river" together.

The series premiered on CCTV's channel 8 on March 26, 2001.

Plot Summary>>

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