The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Ep16:episode 16

When Lao TouZi stabbed Ling HuChong, Zu QianQiu rushed in and opened the door. He told Lao TouZi that this was Ling HuChong. As a result, both of them got down on their knees, but refused to say how it happened. Ling HuChong tied the two to a chair, and they waited to die with their eyes closed. However, Ling HuChong held a knife and stabbed himself on the wrist, and gave the blood to Lao TouZi's daughter to drink.
Yue LingShan and Lin PingZhi were swept away, leaving a note for Yue BuQun to go to wuba gang for important people. When huashan disciple holding a sword at the side of the boat, he saw that Ling HuChong, who had fainted, was carried by Zu QianQiu and Lao TouZi, and Yue BuQun forced his anger to carry Ling HuChong to the boat and ordered his disciple to guard the boat. Tao GuLiuXian accompanied him.
In the hall of black wood cliff, the sun and the moon are holding a mysterious religious ceremony. The worshippers reverently worship Dong FangBuBai. Bao dachu and tong baixiong are holding a dozen rebellious warriors.
Huashan sent a party to wuba gang and got off the boat. Yue LingShan and Lin PingZhi were sent. Lan FengHuang, a teacher of wudu in yunnan province, fell in love with Ling HuChong to heal Ling HuChong. Yue BuQun looks at it all coldly.
The shaolin temple heard that people from the west would gather at wuba gang, and warned the disciples to be careful about the evil religion and act cautiously. Ren YingYing's plan for the party of the five tyrants was made known to the sun and the moon. Ren YingYing came to wuba gang, was attacked by the kunlun school and the shaolin school. On the wuba gang, many heroes of the lake were welcoming Ling HuChong. Huashan's party also followed Ling HuChong. Ping YiZhi is helpless to deal with Ling HuChong's injury and looks like an idiot.

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