The smiling pride(TV)[2001]
The smiling pride(TV)[2001]

《The smiling pride》Ep10:episode 10

Huashan the hall of vital qi, make BuQun, Ning ZhongZe with revenge of Cheng, BuYou, seal does not equal confrontation, both sides sword if zhang, the situation is disturbed, Ling HuChong hurried to the sword and seal uneven within a group, finally use "lonely nine swords", its first try, uneven hurry-scurry, sealing face humiliation, but unwanted countered, make Ling HuChong wounded, follow the "Tao GuLiuXian" grab seals, falling from the air, He broke his bones, screamed and gasped, then ran away with Ling HuChong. When Cheng BuYou and Lu Bai quit in disgust at the situation, many huashan disciples searched for Ling HuChong. Yue BuQun was more skeptical of Ling HuChong's martial arts.
"Tao GuLiuXian" used internal force to heal Ling HuChong. Six genuine qi collided in Ling HuChong and nearly killed him. At the request of Ling HuChong, he was sent back to huashan. Yue BuQun wants to keep Ling HuChong alive with the magic power of "purple xia", but he dare not hurt his true spirit even though the enemy is in great pressure. Heavily wounded Ling HuChong took a chance to tell Lin PingZhi about Lin ZhenNan's last words.
Yue BuQun decided to abandon the mountain and go to songshan mountain together with all his disciples to find Zuo LengChan theory. By accident, Yue LingShan learned from Lin PingZhi that "the magical power of purple xia" could save Ling HuChong's life, and he secretly recorded it in his heart. Outside the continuous news came, saying that all these changes were caused by the Lin family's "sword spectrum", Lin PingZhi felt both surprised and confused.
The huge huashan has brilliant lighting, but the performance is a "empty city plan", people have gone, only Lu DaYou to take care of Ling HuChong, the bright moon is in the sky, the two people oblique shadow.

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