Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep7:episode 7

Qiao proposed to hold a mass meeting, and asked Mu RongFu to come to participate in clarifying the misunderstanding. It turned out that Kang Min deliberately let da yuan break her affair with the white elder, and then they killed da yuan. To co-opt the helper, Kang Min seduced guan qing. Jiu MoZhi took Duan Yu to the murong family and met A Bi, A maid, on their way to the residence of A Zhu. A Zhu skillfully mocked Jiu MoZhi when she was found, and she took Duan Yu and A Bi to escape to mantuo heights. Mrs Wang confiscated Duan Yu's secret book and ordered him to leave it to grow camellias. Duan Yu met Wang YuYan, a fairy sister whom he was obsessed with.

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