Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep40:episode 40

On the way of restitution, purple drowned and fled, and summoned Dali emperor Duan Yu and the condor master Xu Zhu. Purple and other people disguised as lobbyists entered the prison and rescued the peak from the tunnel. Outside, there were Dali, linghu, shaolin and gai. The group retreated to the yanmen pass outside the flood base rate of the army intercept. Yu and xu captured hongji, and feng took it as a condition that he would not violate the land of song, and let him go. As a khitan, feng felt he had lost the liao and killed himself by drawing an arrow. The hero has died, the public grief is extremely, purple is mournfully holding the peak to tell the love. Swim seek purple and come, purple gouge eye return it, swim a total of ashes, jump cliff. Purple no attachment, smiling embrace xiao drop cliff.

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