Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Cast

Xiao Feng


No introduction

Xiao Feng/QiaoFeng Felix Wong Play)

I help you. A tragic hero who lives with a strong heart and is loyal to his country and nation. Magnificent courage and strength, is for the width; It is for the sake of victory to put down the rebellion. The four great elders of yiluban are good. When you go to a party alone, you are fighting for your husband. It is true that Zhu wrathful. It is right to flail about for the sake of giving up troops.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong Yat-wah (born September 4, 1961) is a Hong Kong actor best known for his performances in many wuxia television series produced by TVB, such as The Legend of the Condor Heroes (1983), in which he played the protagonist Kwok Ching. He is considered to be one of the most popular teen idols of the 1980s.[citation needed]

Duan Yu Benny Chan (actor) Play)

Prince Dali. Pure silver, the faner of the overflowing love. Outside the palace of jianhu lake, if you want to stop fighting, dare to use the principle of peace to persuade the perpetrators, that is, chi in theory; The first language yan, as the goddess, ignore the mean person's cold and hot to follow guard, that is, chi for the sentiment; In the shaolin temple, surrounded by thousands of strong enemies, Xiao Feng is tainted as the first of all evil, and dared to drink liquor together with elder brother, that is, chi as righteousness.

Benny Chan (actor)

Benny Chan (born 7 October 1969), also known as Chan Ho-man (陳浩民), is a Hong Kong actor and singer.

Xu Zhu Louis Fan Play)

The vulture master. This is innocent, simple, and gentle young shaolin monk. A fool by nature, but an enigmatic chessboard; Ugly face, but married to an extremely beautiful xixia princess; The faith is firm, but breaks the three unforgivable dharma commandments of Buddhism. Xu Zhu, however, is able to tolerate and reject all things. This is a kind of state.

Louis Fan

Louis Fán Siu-wong (born 19 June 1973) is a Hong Kong actor and martial artist. He is best known for his role as Ricky in Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) and as Jin Shanzhao in Ip Man (2008) and Ip Man 2 (2010), as well as his roles in some television series produced by TVB.

More《Eight dragons》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Carman Lee Wang YuYan Duan ZhengChun and li qingmeng's daughter, Mu RongFu cousin. The beautiful and beautiful fairy of qing dynasty. Because cousin love martial arts, for love, read each school martial arts secret, become a martial arts theorist. Like the white tea flowers like the tenderness and love, people do not hesitate to protect this pure gentle perfect.
Jay Lau A Zhu Beautiful appearance, beauty and clever, is gentle and considerate person. It is one of the two sisters of gusu murong. On the way to search for Mu RongFu, I met the disturbance in the guild, and I first knew Xiao Feng. After searching for the enemy of my father, I mistakenly thought it was Duan ZhengChun. A Zhu was worried about his father and afraid that Xiao Feng would hold A grudge against duan's father. He decided to pretend that his father and his daughter were acting on his father's behalf, so he was killed by Xiao Feng and became the pity of Xiao Feng.
Rain Lau A Zi Duan ZhengChun is the second daughter of his mistress Ruan XingZhu with A good face and A sister of A Zhu. Growing up under Ding ChunQiu, he was raised by a mean and evil star. He was obstinate, sinister and shameless, cold-blooded and cruel. You TanZhi fell in love with her and was so willing to be abused, disfigured and gouged out. It destroyed the appearance of Kang Min and broke the veins, which made Kang Min worse than dead. After Xiao Feng committed suicide, A Zi jumped off the cliff with Xiao Feng's body.
KK Cheung Mu RongFu Gusu murong. His face like guanyu, wenwu shuangquan, handsome and elegant, alert and wise, once in the river lake with Xiao Feng called twin peaks, collectively known as "north qiao peak south murong." His real identity was the invasion of central China during the period of the wuhu sixteen states and the establishment of several "yan state" ethnic xianbei noble murong yu mai, whose name in the word "fu" is always to remind him to restore to the throne.
Bondy Chiu Mu WanQing The daughter of Duan ZhengChun, the south king of Dali town, and his mistress Qin HongMian. When he was chased by Li QingLuo on the boundless mountain of Dali, his face was covered with black gauze, showing extremely shrewdness. Duan Yu was gradually moved by his help. Duan Yu in the critical moment to see the beautiful face, so with Duan Yu a white contract. After entering Dali palace with Duan Yu, inadvertently showed a very innocent and lovely nature.
He Meitian Zhong Ling Zhong Ling is not the most important person in the eight books of tianlong, but she is undeniably the most lovely woman. She has received high marks for her appearance. Her voice, facial expression, and facial expression are actually very attractive. In the stone room, she tries her best to help Duan Yu and Mu WanQing. After knowing that he was Duan Yu's sister, he focused on being his sister.
Ji-man Poon Duan ZhengChun No introduction
Shirley Yim Kang Min One of Duan ZhengChun's mistresses is the wife of Ma DaYuan, the deputy head of gai. She has a dissolute nature. She has personal relationships with other martial artists such as Bai ShiJing and Quan GuanQing. She is proud of her beauty. After the discovery of qiao feng's origin, in order to revenge qiao feng, his husband refused to expose him, so Bai ShiJing killed him, and Quan GuanQing and Xu ZhangLao debunked qiao feng's origin.
Natalie Wong Meng Gu No introduction
Yau-wai Lui Dao BaiFeng No introduction
Michelle Qin HongMian No introduction
LiGuiYing Gan BaoBao No introduction
Carman Lee Li QingLuo No introduction
Ma Jing Yi Ruan XingZhu No introduction
Candy Chiu A Bi No introduction
Chan On-ying Tian ShanTongLao No introduction
Ceci So Yan Chee Li QiuShui No introduction
Carman Lee Qi YuFeng No introduction
Shing-Cheung Lee Wu YaZi No introduction
(None) Xuan Ci No introduction
Wang Wei Ye LvHongJi No introduction
Chiu Shek Man Ding ChunQiu No introduction
Feng Ruizhen Ping PoPo No introduction
(None) Xiao Cui No introduction
Tak San Gwok Bai ShiJing No introduction
Wing-Chun Chan Quan GuanQing No introduction
(None) Duan ZhengMing No introduction
Seung Yin Wan Bao DingDiHuangHou No introduction
(None) Duan YanQing No introduction
Felix Wong Xiao YuanShan No introduction
Felix Lok Mu RongBo No introduction
Joseph Lee Kok Lun Jiu MoZhi No introduction
Toshio Takahara Zong Zan No introduction
Wheat cloud You Ji No introduction
Andy Sui You Ju No introduction
Cheung-Ching Mak You TanZhi No introduction
Kin Ping Leung Xiang WangHai No introduction
(None) Qi Liu No introduction
Ti-ko Chen Bao QianLing No introduction
Gwan Joh Law Bao BuTong No introduction
Yu Mo-lin Rui PoPo No introduction
Lee He LianTieShu No introduction
Danny Lau  Ma DaYuan No introduction
Guouqing Cai Ku RongDaShi No introduction
Chen Zhongjian Ben Yin No introduction
(None) Ben Guan No introduction
District Yue Ben Can No introduction
(None) Ben Xiang No introduction
Sun Wong Xu ZhangLao No introduction
Marco Li Chen ZhangLao No introduction
(None) Wu ZhangLao No introduction
(None) Song ZhangLao No introduction
Yau Man Shing Xi ZhangLao No introduction
Ka Sang Cheung Zhao QianSun No introduction
SUEN KWAI HING Xuan Ku No introduction
(None) Xuan Ji No introduction
(None) Xuan Du No introduction
Zeng Jianming Xuan Sheng No introduction
He Bi Jian Xuan Mie No introduction
(None) Xuan Kui No introduction
Hoi San Lee Xuan Tong No introduction
Luo Guowei Su XingHe No introduction
Wei Ai Xue MuHua No introduction
Fong Pau Sao DiSeng No introduction
(None) Xuan Nan No introduction
Daniel Kwok Jiang DuoZhu No introduction
(None) Zhang QuanXiang No introduction
Man-Piu Wong Zhong WanChou No introduction
Hing Ying Kam Wang JianTong No introduction
(None) Bei YuanDaWang No introduction
Helen Ma Xin ShuangQing No introduction
Zhang Hongchang Si KongXuan No introduction
Lei Cheng Wu LaoDa No introduction
Ching Kwan Bu PingDaoRen No introduction
Lily Li Ye ErNiang No introduction
Wong Chun Yue LaoSan No introduction
(None) Yun ZhongHe No introduction
(None) Tan Gong No introduction
Lan Law Tan Po No introduction
(None) Dan Zheng No introduction
(None) Wan YanAGuDa No introduction
Ying Choi Cheung Huang MeiSeng No introduction
(None) Feng BoE No introduction
Tan Yi-ching Zhi GuangDaShi No introduction
(None) Zuo ZiMu No introduction
Ming Wa Goo Chu WanLi No introduction
(None) Gu DuCheng No introduction
(None) Fu SiGui No introduction
(None) Zhu DanChen No introduction
Celine Ma Tai-Lau Mu RongFuMuQin No introduction
(None) Hui Zhen No introduction
(None) Hui Guan No introduction
(None) Mei Jian No introduction
Ammathy Winnie Lan Jian No introduction
NG WAI SHAN Ju Jian No introduction
(None) Zhu Jian No introduction
(None) Hui Jing No introduction
(None) Hui Yuan No introduction
(None) Hui Fang No introduction
Joh Fai Kwong Hui Lun No introduction
(None) Qing Song No introduction
MAK KA LUN Zhai XingZi No introduction
(None) Ye LvMoGe No introduction
(None) Shi Li No introduction
Dizzying Qiao SanHuai No introduction
(None) Qiao SanHuaiQi No introduction
TSEUNG HAK Xu Yuan No introduction
Martin Tong Chun Ming Xu Zhan No introduction
(None) Xu Qing No introduction
(None) Mu GuiFei No introduction
(None) Gai BangDiZi No introduction
(None) Tian MoNi No introduction

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