Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep19:episode 19

A Zhu begged Xiao Feng to accompany him to herd sheep outside the customs. A year later, he took revenge on zheng chun, but was refused. A Zhu pretended to be Xiao Feng and told zheng chun to cancel the appointment. Then she pretended to be Xiao Feng and went to the appointment. A Zhu died in Xiao Feng's hands, and she told Xiao Feng about her life before she died. She asked Xiao Feng to take care of her sister A Zi. Xiao Feng repented and was seen by A Zi. A Zi told her parents about A Zhu's life history and told her everything she saw. He did not know why Xiao Feng killed him, he did not want his daughter to die in vain, and decided to seek Xiao Feng understand.

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