Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep25:episode 25

Duan Yu was ordered by his father to send a letter to the guild to explain the cause of tai yuan's death. Duan Yu gave the letter to guan qing, who expected the letter to burn. Ding ChunQiu, an old fairy star, asked Gai BangDiZi about Xiao Feng's whereabouts and poisoned them. The shaolin monk Xu Zhu persuaded Ding ChunQiu to detoxify the people, but he almost got hurt. Thanks to Duan Yu, he saved his life. Mr Su XingHe posted about the people of wulin playing chess. Mu RongFu was lost by the board of chess desire to commit suicide, fortunately Duan Yu to intervene. Duan YanQing was also confused by the chess game when the four villains arrived in the valley.

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