Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep31:episode 31

To get to know the world's heroes, fu also went to shaolin. The Xuan Ci abbot summoned all monks to impose punishment on the false. At this time, Jiu MoZhi arrived to challenge the 72 stunts of shaolin, shaolin monks feel inferior to themselves, virtual timely release, the way to break the dove is small. The turtle secretly false, meizhu appeared to protect the Lord, by the turtle debunked, sneer at shaolin hidden female. After being punished with the rod, he was expelled from the shaolin temple. Tang xiushanfu meets Ding ChunQiu. The two begin. In chaos, yu and yan separated, knowing that the father also came, yu uphill to see his father. When they gathered in shaolin, Xuan Ci was puzzled. It turned out to be a conspiracy of the beggars. At the foot of shaoshi mountain, A Zi, who followed the gai gang, shot the master's banner. Ding ChunQiu grabbed the purple and asked him to return to the lower gate. He ordered him to kill the Xuan Ci abbot. As a disciple of stars, you challenged the abbot of shaolin and was criticized by many.

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